photos - 4-15-07

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sorry got so far behind. I'm going to try and catch up then keep current

Hanging by a tail

Upside down finger poking

*phhht* you can't get me(tongue out)

She was snuggled in with me but I had to get up for something

Work? I thought you quit?(wednesday morning)

Early morning grooming

Afternoon nap


Quasi likes anteater gruel, yummy he got to lick out the empty container

"Oh, Waiter"

Always time for a butt scratch

Ready to rumble

Little Granny Pua - Sitting in my office chair but she just has that granny look to me; lap covered in a blanket in a chair.

The other morning I came in to find ants had invaded my desk. I started collecting them for Pua and soon they had all fled and haven't come back since. but Pua had a nice snack. there were a lot in there they just got licked up fast.

Thinking... How to get down from here


Yawning cropped

Maybe up here, hmm

Going down


five more minutes

Ready for a walk - well maybe once she wakes up

highsteping through the grass

Ready for a nap

tuck me in now

Climbing because she can

Grooming up high

To go up or to go down?

I can see the whole room from here