Pua Christmas evening

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oops boxing day should have been posted after but hit post instead of save. oh well.

Pua Cristmas night

she almost helped open her oven gift.

A few more presents and she might get the hang of this

I took her claqws and sunk them in the wrapping and she tried a few times herself but wasn't sutre.

Checking out her gift

She kneaded the blanket in her paws for a bit to feel it but has my finger here

Starting to get playful

A quick hug

I can beat you hanging upside down

and one hand behiind my back

Finger poking

She likes wrestling in this position

Hyzzie with ball

Wanted a pick of her with the ball stuffed in her mouth and got this

She stopped and stood up for a while but dad missed the pic

More finger poking

a couple jeouse mutts

Checking out the tree

Attempt at her standing but the flug herself at me

She must think she was abducted by aliens sometimes. She sniffs the tree and the "strang fruit" on it.

And a extra pic of Quasi boy

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Boxing day Walk - Pua

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Otherwise known as the day after Christmas but Boxing day sounds nicer

It was wet but the sun came peeked through and it managed to creep above 50 so Pua got to go to the park

It took her awhile to wake up and realize where she was

She got moving slowly at first

She slowly started going faster but really picked up speed on the bridge

A better ;ic of the rushing river

That used to be Hyzzie's favorite trail there now under water

Really running now

Zooming from behind

She realy loves to run

A new river

A new river right where a trail used to be. She was going to wade across but we talked her into urning back.

A final pic

The batteries died

She didn't want to go home but her feet and tail where getting pink with cold and she was getting more pokey so we went back to the bridge then she needed crated because she didn't want to go back. She had a big meal and snuggled some when se got back before she got back to sleep.

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A Guinea Pig Christmas

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I decided to give the pigs their present while I cleaned out their big coral area, which has also been improoved. Anyway at this point my new camera still had not arrived so used my old camera which is broken as it used to take better pics than this Bt this one was free and like 10yrs old so it lasted a long time.

Hey what gives with this thing in our cage?

Hmm a little more interesting but it's still wraped in plastic

The goodies inside

Oh boy an edible shreadable bowl

Munch munch

Dragon Fly liked the hay

Lady Bug seemed to be picking out the crunchies and leaving them lay

They both went for the dried fruit bits

Hey, what are looking at, huh?

There's no mistletoe but I'll kiss you anyway

A little running around
and a profile shot of Dragon Fly

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Pua After bath

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Pretty Pua
Pua got a bath so was feeling frisky and was running around all over the house and grooming and fluffing her hair up then combing it into place. I got a short bit of her running then a groom session on her cage, set to "I Feel Pretty"

Pua had to do lots of grooming to fluff up her fur to dry

she then had to comb her fur back into place

The bath seemed to hype her up and she ran around all over. She stopped to sniff the door frame here.

Stopped to scratch by the closed pet door. I like this just because she's all curvy.

She uses her crate as a potty but knows we go outside with her in it sometimes so she will also go inside and claw around sniffing out the vents. she paused in poking ouyt the vents to scratch.

On top of the TV to try at the door from another angle

Pua on the Tv making a grab at me

Pua climbed up the CD shelf

Pua had a bit of trouble getting down as she's a little clumsy and overly cautious about it.

"I think I may be stuck again"
cute butt shot of Pua on the cd shelf

Here she did finally manage to climb down on her own.

She loves the other bedroom to play and explore

getting down from the bed over the radio

The monseter uder the bed

Pua in a chair then finally getting out of a chair but slipping at the last and falling. She is a bit clumsy but has dismounted that chair successfully before.

Pua takes advantage of the other pets being leery of her and pushes her way through. Hyzzie's a bigger bully than Pua though so it sometimes works but sometimes doesn't.

Nothing like a fat cat, with a hairless belly, sitting on her butt giving you the evil eye.
She has fur plucking syndrome, like parrots feather pluck. It's actually fairly common for cats and no one knows why there is almost never a medical reason and she doesn't have one either.

A little grooming on the cage

She was feeling extra friendly. She crawled up in his lap poked at his fingers then sniffed his crotch. Once she got the scent though she kept clawing at his jeans wanting a better sniff so he put her down after awhile because she is a little princess and wont be told no.

She also groomed Hyzzies neck when Hyzzie was on my lap and Pua was with us. Hyzzie didn't realize it was her at first. She also tried to play with Hyzzie later but Hyzzie wasn't sure of that.

A little more wrestle in the lab.

And I finally caved to my lesser side and snapped a pic of her licking her private bits.
Anteater Centerfold

My she's limber

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