Pua's Bath

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did the best I could taking my own pictures and no view finder due to the battery being low.

Wanted a before picture but Pua didn't want to let go of me once she heard the water running.
"If I get wet you get wet too 'cuz I'm not letting go"
First rinse. She was still hoping to charm her way out.

Once the soap hit it was time to make a break for it.

"It's bad enough without you dragging it out with pictures"

When I rinse her chest and tummy she likes to hold the nozzle

All that warm water makes a body have to pee

All clean she got conditioned and rinsed really well.

She squirmed even more during the drying process

I've had enough of this let me out of here

After a good combing with her own claws it was time to go get some food.

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