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Why do I say this now, after all this time? Because Pua now agrees this is home. There has really been a major change in her the last couple days. I'll explain some of the more obviouse things. Tamandua's must have a strong homing instinct. She would in the past always head south everytime she got outside. Going towalk all the way to guyana. But not any more. In fact she homes right in on my door where ever I Drop her outside, unless she wants to explore then she heads to the door(home) after she's done. Yep, that's the big one but she's also done alot to start getting along and fitting in more.

Before she liked then loved me and found this a decent place to live but she wanted to head off to home though I was welcome to come with her. Now this is home and we're her family and she kind of likes living in a "tribe".

"I love you Mom"
Monday morning she only woke me at 4, 6, 8, & 9AM. for feeding. She also ate a ton.

Tried To get a yawning pick, tongue full out but missed and only got the tip as it went back in.

She stood-up to Hyzzie rather than just take her guff. Litteraly stood up hiss a bit and show her claws but not supper seriouse just like "Hey quit it"

Last night she ate great then slept all the way through the night.

Last night she fond her way to Q&H's pee pad twice all on her own.

But she only peed a bit each time so took her out knowing she needed to poop. She ran all around, really running but didn't slow to poop so brought her back in. After awhile she found her way to Jupiter's litter box and tried a few posstions in it but found it to small so hopped up on a corner foot on each side tail across the box then tucked head down in the corner and pooped there. This worked great no tail drug through the poop.

There's just so much.. She is now content to climb back into her open cage on her own to wait if I've gone to do something and has done so several times.

Tonight she got got fresh chicken brothe mixed in her food and had a good wrestle before she fell asleep hugging me from wresatling then later woke and went under the covers.

And just for fun this is what's left of Jupiter's basket after a week.

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Woodland Walk With Q&H

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First picking up where we left off a hot lazy summer_day But_the_woods_aren't_quite_so_hot




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Walk in the Yard

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Pua's recent walk in the yard. She ate early monday and the night before only woe me every two hours. But she slept most of the day so woke her and too her out.
sheShe took a bit to warm up then had some fun. I showed her some ants on the compost pile but wasn't interested, wants the nest.

Now, this looks like fun.

A woodpile behind the house

Quasi followed along and checked out the old shed

Stopped for a scratch

Doing the doggie handshake

"I've had enough of this"
Pua knows where the door is and heads for it when done

(My_space_key_isn't_working_nor_the_paste_any_more. new key board soon though[ok paste is intermitent)


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Just few Pua pictures

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So Pua was energetic the last few days. Took a big walk and ran around my room. She went on top of her cage across the curtain rod then across the unfinished top of the closet.

"Hey where's the rest of my jungle-gym?"
Afternoon nappin'

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Time to Wean the baby

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Pua's early AM feedings are just to much now. And it nearly killed my computer. I fell asleep twice while feeding her and wound up spilling the food on the bed and on my computer. I spent all day repairing as much of the damage as I could. It seemed basicaly okay then got worse later. So finished with that I woke Pua anbd fed her and then let her go back to sleep. I suppose I'll just wake her every hour and offer food durng the day like she wakes me every hour at night, usulay startng at around 3 am. I can keep her out of her cage and on my lap most of the time at the store.
The problem the is the night time. Cold turkey we'd both be misserabe. Thought about just every other request then slowy respod less but that seems too cofusing. So thinking to just ignore her first request for a coupe nghts then the next ect. So the feedings get to be later the mornings till it reaches a reasonable hour.

So today had to remove my keybord from my laptop then let it dry all the way before putting it back in. In both cases each day removed all they keys then put them back. Lots better but not 100% and couldn't get 3 of the arrow keys back on. This poor keyboard has been abused a few to many times.

Pua lies to sit on y computer and I'm really not sure why. THis isn't how the food got spillet but could have been. You can also see the wound on the bac of her head she came with. It had a huge scab but it healing now. Finaly shed the big scab for a more normal scabing over.

This morning pua peed in her crate on the way to work. Got her blanket and both her hammocks. And since I didn't now right away me when I got out her hammock. Well she was active but being good so just let her be as I went and rinsed everything out. At first she sat on the des then dissapeared and was way to quite. This is where I found her in back.

Jupiter being a little piggy and shoving his face all the way to the bottum of his bowl.

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Pua in the Park

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Was a very busy couple days off but I took Pua to the park for a bit today anyway. She would have rather slept till she realised where she was then came out of her carrier but she didn't go for the big old stupm like we thought she would she went running off in another dirrection right away.

She's actualy really good on the leash. Wasn't to interested in going in the bushes or looking for food or running away she was just having fun exploring and if she did go a bit to far a tug back she was back on the right track.

Pua Peeing. I didn't realize that's what she was doing at first because she was sniffing them peed. She pooped later too so she's pooping ever 2-3 days now like wild tams do so that's okay with me.

Running dow the trail again. Then she heard the river and kept wanting to go down there but wasn't in a place we could go so she got tugged a few times. Here she thought she could get to the river across that log. Took a few tuggs to turn her around then picked her up and put her back on the trail and she turned around and headed back.

She finaly found something to dig up and eat here but wasn't to interested in the stump it's self.

Finaly I found a place where it was safe to let her go down to the river. She couldn't decide if she wanted to try going in or go along the bank but there was no real place along the bank so had to turn her back.

I took the pick then grabbed her off was the only time she tried to climb.

a hollow under some old fallen tree roots. She found a little something here too.

Just after this last pic we all discovered the hollow log as Pua started to go down it and had to take her back out. Then my mom told me it was later than it was so we packed Pua up and left but she had a good walk for her first time in the park and slept good after.

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this and that

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Pua all stretched out on my lap at the shop.
I just looked at pua's face and all her pox there are now pink and clear of crusts except the one right under her eye has a tiny bit of crust yet. So the DE worked on them. Now she's got a big uggly one on her arm to start working on nede to try decrusting it to get the treatments down to the surface. Her ear is looking great almost there to being free of any infections but it looks like it will always look funky poor babe but no one seems to notice in person but me.

We went shopping today and a got a microwave for Pua ;) well it's so I can heat her formula up for those morning feedings without going into the main house. Also remember that cute double decker bed? Jupiter at off the top deck and was working on a hole in the upper floor so before his hang out was ruined I got him this basket to replace it and keep him chewing all the way through. He seems to have other plans and wants to make a record of chewing through the new basket.

Pua was better when we got home this time. Had eaten some of the food I left her and peed but she didn't seem as upset.

Hyzzie is still trying to teach Jupiter to be a real dog. Tonight she gave him a growling lesson. She and Jupiter were nose to nose through the cage and she kept snarling playfully at him. She finaly walked away in disgust because he just didn't get it.

Her attempts to teach Pua to be a dog don't work so well. She will growl and lung at Pua who jumps back out of the way often to fall off the bed. Hyzzie does get in trouble for that but doesn't understand why since she's just playing. It's a good thing Pua is so layed back and knows Hyzzie is family. She still is scared of the cat smell, though they've had no more contact.

Just to note they sometimes sleep next to each other so it's not real agression for Hyzzie. One time Pua was sleeping in her hammock and fell out but caught herself with her tail. I said "poor Poo poor poor poo" and Hyzzie started whining so had to reasure her Pua was alright.

One day on a walk for some reason there was a dead possum hanging on a low fence tail out. Hyzzie saw it and didn't know it was dead and wanted to play with it.

One time I had icecream in a little cup like Pua gets fed out of sometimes. She got excited and went for the cup. I let her check it out thinking she'd have nothing to do with it. She loved it but was pissed it was so cold and started clawing at it but wouldn't leave the cup alone. I tried some melted ice cream once just to see and she wanted nothing to do with it. Poor Poo just doesn't understand cold.

A very lazy Pua. Yeah try doing that with a cold ant nest in the wild jungle tops.

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Pua again

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Pua was so tired after her photoshoot she fell asleep in her food. Actualy falling asleep in her food is fairly comon. She'll doze off till her nose goes down far enough to bubble then wake back up and drink more. This time she just slept with her nose bearly out of the food.

So I replaced her food with my hand for her to rest on.

Covering her nose as she sleeps.

Okay an ear update. This was before peeling today didn't get any after. It's worst on the edges now but it bleed in a few spots when I picked at the crusts on the edges and that's a good sign we are getting healthy tissue again there. Have been coating her ear and pox in DE and I think you can see the improovment here. This was also after some lotion because the DE does make her ear really dry but the DE was put on after peeling. Normaly she gets the neem to moisten the ear since it also treats too but it really needed more moiturizing than that.

Close up of the tip. It's had a sort of orangish crust now though looks kind of brown here but there were some real orange spots which points to fungus. At this point it seems it's likely a little fungis and a little mites which makes it hard to treat both at once and she gets some DE and some neem but the DE seems to get the best results.

The same area the older close up was in.

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