Jupiter is officialy adopted

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And apparently he's nearly two years old. He said they found him about a year and a half ago as a little baby bunny wandering around in Eugene. He used to be a house bunny. They used to have two house bunnies but Jupiter was never as well trained to the litter box as the other. He's had a couple accidents outside of his cage but now that I know a bit more about bunnies they weren't really acidents and with some work on my part we can learn to avoid them. Plus neutering will help as most of it is marking.

They currently had been letting him hop around the nursery out back of their store. Which is all closed off except for one spot they found. Makes it sound like an accident but here's the thing. He said Jupiter's been escaping for a couple months now but has always returned before. He said he called once and got no answer so figured who ever found him could keep and enjoy him. He said I could still return him if I didn't want to deal with him but said I'd like to keep him now since he grew on me.
I wasn't planning to at first. In part because my father said no more animals other than my tamandua once he gets here. But he's the one who first started saying I could keep him if I wanted. So I let him into my heart. So Jupiter has an apointment to be nutered Tuesday.
Jupiter likes everyone here too. He even tried grooming Q&H. First his started licking Hyzzie and she looked shocked then her lip started twitching so I moved him away. Later he tried grooming Quasi but he took it worse. He snraked and snapped at him. Neither knew what to make of this thing licking them. Hyzzie might get used to it but Quasi is a little grump and never even let Hyzzie groom him. They all seem to want to get along but bunnies and puppies don't speak the same language. But they'll learn to understand this little alien thing eventualy.

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