Aurora Pua's new lady in waiting

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Every princess need s a lady in waiting.
Aurora starting to relax a bit

Been a crazy week. Wednesday had Hyzzie and Jake to the vet then got word that night of a tamandua in need of a home. We agreed to take it in hoping for a boy but got a girl. Got her home and saw we got a very pregnant girl. Big nipples, vulva and belly.

If comparing nipples to bullets using this chart Pua's are a 3 and Aurora's are a 53 counting bullet part only and not cartridge :) If Pua's vulva was a large olive then Aurora's would be a small kiwi fruit. She also looks like she may have had a baby in the distant past too.

We're sticking with only saying she needed a home so we can keep lots of positive energy surrounding her and leave her past in the past. Chasing tail did help us get together with Aurora so I got to play with a baby howler monkey.

Farrah baby howler monkey
Farrah baby howler monkey
She was very playful and friendly but really loved chewing on my coat.

Farrah baby howler monkey on my arm but retreating from the flash.
Farrah baby howler monkey on my arm
Aurora freshly dumped out of the crate with food and water too as she fought us coming out.

Once she found the hammock she slept.
sleeping in hammock

She's now settling in drinking and eating a transition mix of blue cheese flavored food drink. She's in great shape. Fur is course and rough but she will be lovely once she sheds that. She had a lovely poop already.

Pua was acting like nothing was different aside from not going into that part of the room but last night curiosity got the better of Pua and she went to check out Aurora. She was so cute. Remembered Mandua pinching her feet so she played it safe at first and went from shelf into hammock above the cage and hung out each side first sniffing and checking things out before coming down onto the cage it's self. A little hissing from A when nose to nose but she eagerly sniffed Pua's rear and tail. Pua lost interest quickly and went to sniff at the window. Aurora turned in before P was even fully gone. Went well. No violence or real upset.

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