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we crazy animal people got a toy of the month club. We send toys each month to each other's furkids. These were our toys this month.Hyzzie and her toy.
Unfortunatly neither like rubber toys but gave them both a treat so Quasi wasn't left out.
So Pua stuff.
I thought Pua needed to go so put her in the closet on her pee pads. She promplt stood up arms out and wanted to duel. This turned into a battle royal and she pulled out some new moves. She was doing kung-fu flips, tumbles, and summer saults. She wrestled quit feircley. It was a wild site to see. She'd run then flip over and throw her claws up or sort of pop up and flip over where she was fliping to the side or head over heals. I noticed Hyzzie's old elephant toy near by(one of her first TOTMs) and pushed it at Pua and she played with it. Wrapped arms and legs around it and squeezed and poked it with her claws. Yea! Pua played with a toy. She also loved the rubber on my snow boots. So was thinking she needs some rubber toys then TOTM occured to me and I fetched that yellow toy monster but didn't really think she'd like it.

What's Pua got there?

It's the monster. She really seemed to like it especialy it hissing at her. Unless you squeeze hard and fast it hisses instead of squeekes.

squeeze squeeze

She still liked those boots though

She really had a wild time tonight I guess after all the supper wrestling she was still wanting to play so she played with toys and boots for awhile

But always got to stop for itches

Finally she got tired and came to the edge of the closet and just saged so picked her up and set her on the bed but she went and had a bite to eat first.
Then time for sleepy snuggles.
This was big since Pua's first time to play with a toy and her wrestle mania was just over the top tonight, showing more trust I think. It was sort of like playing with a giant kitten.

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bean bag fun and wrestle videos

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Q&H Wrestle video

Quasi dig play
Quasi will often do this all by himself just for fun.

Hear them speak too

With it cool and Pua in her hammock all day she needed some warmth so tried a sock full of bean and microwaved it. She moved a bout a bit at first and head the bag making noise then she settled. KLater she started huffing again and checked the bag had cooled but she had wrapped herself around it. I took and warmed it again then gave it back and she was happy.

So tonight Hyzzie played with it.

I love bean bag toys
Hey a bean fell out

Wonder if it's edible

Blah.. no!

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