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Home of Pua and Stewie Animal actors in DR Dolittle: Tail To The Chief!!

The blog started not long before getting Pua. When I got her I just kept sharing the adventures of my pets the way I always had. I had no clue Pua and her friends would become so popular. It's been nice to share our ups and even our downs with you. Pua is a shining example of how unlikely animal friends can make great companions, if you are willing to give them everything they need.

At Living With Anteaters we care about animals. We believe in the human animal bond and that children benefit from interacting with earths creatures. Pua, our anteater, is our animal ambassador.  Pua is also an animal actor.  She can stand and wave and come when called or go to a squeaker. She can also pull a rope up to her for a treat.

See all the animals in About Us. You will learn a lot more about us on our blog, follow the daily life of Pua and her animal friends.

Many of our pets have been rescued.

Meet Pua
Pua Is a Tamandua. A Medium sized Anteater from South America. Her closest Relatives, besides other anteaters, are Sloths and Armadillos. She loves to play fight, cuddle and go exploring. I was adopted July 1st 2006.

 Meet Stewie 
Stewie was Pua's friend. He died due to an autoimmune issue. His info remains here for those that knew him. This Tamandua loved fruit and kissing people and was a professional painter
Meet Aurora: Aurora was placed her after someone tried to import her into the country without proper licensing and she was seized by officials.
Aurora's glamor shot
Hyzzie was adopted and thought to be born in January 2000. She does not do shows.

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