Some more Jupiter stuff

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Getting caught up on some of the pics. He now has hay in the top of his house since he doesn't pee there any more and we cleaned out the bottum of his cage. Will line it with linolium of something soon for easy claening. And he does get pellets instead of the kibble now.

Jupiter greeting a customer

Jupiter doing inventory

Jupiter hanging out of his bunny house

Jupiter exploring his newly added upper level

Jupiter likes climbing up on the shelves

Hyzzie worrying over Jupiter falling being way up there. she adores him.

Jupiter having stolen my chair

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some Jupiter stuff

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Jupiter Modeling a nice fleacey coat in the shop.

Jupiter hanging out on my bed.

Jupiter in the shop.

Tried this once when it was cold since he doesn't like those coats. He stayed there for a long time.

Jupiter modeling another coat. I sold this one to a chihuahua online.

Jupiter in one of his new favorite spots to sleep. Moved his house under the shelf and he hops right up there.

The heat doesn't work since it's oil fernice and don't want to mess with it but he seems to know what the vents are for. So moved the heater closer to him.

Jupiter was sneaking bites of my apple out of my bag to just let him have some.

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TOTM and Q&H update

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So Q&H recovered just fine from there ordeal. This is them wrestling and tugging the next day

TOTM is a monthly gift exchange we do in one group for our dogs. This month someof the items were to small for Q&H though so we tried them on Jupiter. In his openion TOTM should stand for torture of the month.

This toy was included and was in that pink Carrier. Hyzzie will likely tear him to to bits. They all so have some biscuits included.

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Q&H go to the vet

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Well found a ugly lump on quasi ans had it checked but decided to remove it just to be safe. Then over the weekend found a lump in Hyzzie's chest so brought her along and they were nice and took her in too.

*writen Monday night*

While the tech wasn't trilled with me this morning she did take Hyzzie too and said they would probably check her but no gurantees as she said they were a bit over booked already. I walked them back and put them in the kennels. Neither was happy but Hyzzie didn't understand and was so scared we were leaving her for good. Might just let the tech take her away next time something comes up like that. We ran around and did all our errands and came back around 12. They hadn't done him yet. The vet appolagized but I wasn't trying to rush it just find out if it was worth driving back up the hill or not. She even offered to meet part way in Dexter but in the end Q&H would have to wait longer. Was going to just come back at five when she decided to just do him then and we went off and came back an hour later. She took me in back and Q&H were now together in a kennel. Hyzzie resting her head on Quasi's rump.
I held Hyzzie and she did the needle asperate on her chest lump then we realised she missed the little black mole next to the bigger one so they zipped it off. He was a good boy never even whined then of earlier when they did it. Took them outside after and put them in the car with my dad and went back in and got Quasi's pain meds and paid and waited for the word on Hyzzie's slide. Her's was just a fatty lump. She felt Quasi's black lumps looked good, were easy to remove no margins or anything left so decided not to bother sending it off since the info really wouldn't change anything for me.
However one bit of bad news is Quasi's liver levels are still high. Just the ALT. I know when I had a check up blood pannel done in the past the vet said they were normal but the tests in his records were 2001 one and high. So maybe the vet meant normal for him since he tested the same in the past. I'll have to go over his records and see if I have any info she's missing. He's been doing fine and had all kinds of tests that never found why his level is high so not to worried but will see about adjusting his diet some and maybe try some dandilions again and or milkthistle.
My dad said Hyzzie was a big baby and whined the whole time I was in the vet after. Geez you'd think she was the one all cut up. Quasi had two moles from his arm removed, one from his rump, two from his side and one from his neck. So no more moles now just two benign lumps under his skin.
Actualy I already researched a bit and got a good looking immun stimulant ordered that has milkthistle in it along with the other stuff. Looked into all the ingredients but will start them off real gradule just to be safe since no way to be sure all ingredients combined and individual reactions. Once things settle down more may see about a consult with a natural or holistic vet in Eugene for Quasi.
He is doing great now acts like nothing happened so we've not given him the pain meds.

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I killed a tree

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otherwise known as totaling your parents new car though for the record the tree was already dead. It comited suicide by throwing it's self into the middle of the road.
So we went down the hill last night to see Anton Barbeau play. I just love him and he recognized us from attending his shows in sacramento and said high. I blushed, lol well to me it's like having your favorite big star talk to you he's just not big. I even admited we drove 45 miles just to see him. He opened so we left after at eleven. It was a nice dinner/bar/club so we had a meal too.
Well it was not raining when we left the house but had started while there and was raining hard when we left. It was raining so hard even slanted bits of road with good drainage had like an inch of ater on them and coming up the hill it looked like snow drifting across the road but was just rain that wasn't settling down after falling. There was tree debree all over the road and I was gpoing very slow and being cautiouse because I knew trees had fallen across the road before. Still didn't see the tree till it was to late. Tried to stop but wound up stopping in the middle of it. Was able to pull out of the tree after to the side of the road though on the wrong side. some truckers helped and changed the tire that aslong with the rim was ruined but only after saw the steering rod was broken and also something with the suspension as we were basicly on the ground on that side. Oh we also lost a mirror looks like it just jumped ship not broken just gone. The holder for it is there though.
God that was a mess. Once they cleared the road we managed to back up and straiten out a bit so traffic could get passed. Then an officer stayed till my dad showed up and the towtruck was about a half hour after him. Oh but while waiting we heard a few more trees faliing up above us but thankfully none made it down to the road. One in particular we could hear go, crack, crack pow. we all ducked. Then we heard a yell. My dad thought he was just hearing things but told him I heard it too. He went and turned his headlights on and there was a guy walking down the highway. His "friends" put him out on the side of the road and he was trying to walk it. He said when he found us he was just thinking about trying to find a tree to hide under and sleep it out. So we gave him a ride back up the hill to Oakridge where he's been staying with other friends. So basicaly we saved a life because I hit a tree.
My father is hoping it's covered by insurance but I'm pretty sure he only has basic libility incase of hitting someone else. We'll see. At least we still have the old car for back up.
To top it off the power was out in Oakridge when we got home and untill about 5 am was about 3:30 when we finaly got home.
I'm portant thing is we're all okay. I was only going 40 and my father agreed from his experience driving down to meet us that there was no way I could have avoided it. He couldn't see all the debree between there and Oakridge till he was right up on it either. He also admited he likely would have been going faster if he had driven us and so could have been worse. sounds like there were maybe a dozen trees down on the highway that night as the ODOT guy was going down to clear more after us and the officer said he had to stop for another one on the way up to.
Q&H and Kat all knew something was wrong and were quite upset. My dad said they were that way even before he left. Q&H stayed especialy close last night and this morning.
So hit a tree save a life and maybe get a new care if my dad is right about the insurance. A little to much adventure for me.

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My latest project

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Pictures on here never load in the order I try to put them up in. *sighs* oh well. I made a couple sleep hamocks for my new pet anteaters, he's still not here yet though. This first is below. I did it in the traditional ferret pocket hamock style with two pockets. then I made the second, above, with the srapes so came out one pocket. I like the one pocket better after finishing it. Looks more comfy and you could hang it as a hanging sleep sack so is more verital.
The single pocket with be for his home cage. The double pocket for the shop.
It's made from some 0ld zebra plush fabric and lined with a thermal blanket Jupiter chewed holes in.
Below is a demonstration of a tamandua sleeping in the double pocket hamock :)

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