How to survive a Blackout and Blizzard

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The fox felt the best course of action was too panic! This means pacing in your safe place.

Option 2 is to hibernate till it's over.

Beaker enjoyed napping by the fire, which may have aided in his recovery from a recent illness.

Jake enjoyed the fire as well. Though he did not like being locked in at night due to the door to my room being open to allow some heat to make it in, that meant no cat door for him.

On day 2 the neighbor tried to get his small, low car out and got stuck. He put his chains on and got more stuck. There was nowhere to go anyway as the highway was closed.

There were a lot of lifted trucks with big wheels coming and going. I think they were enjoying a snow day.

That night Aurora ventured out the open door into the house. She went to each door but they did not open for her so she went to the living room and looked it over. She found it inadequate and so returned to her room and that was the end of her explorations. She did find the human being up and about when it was dark upsetting. The rules are clearly defined. If the lights are out the human is to be in bed.

I also covered the floor in blankets and clothes and it raised the room temp to 68F from lower 60's I know this sounds comfortable to most but mid 60's is the bare minimum for a healthy anteater. She dealt with the chill by being less active but did continue eating her nightly meal and snacks.

By day three there were a lot less trucks. I guess it wasn't much fun any more. I had put snow in the fridge but on this day moved food into containers and put them in the snow outside. The fox continued to panic in the mornings and if there was commotion, like The Deep Voice talking by the door(my dad). But was mostly settled into hiding in the window.

Beaker had enjoyed the fire time snuggles but got needy and would bark in a panic if I was not visible and he heard anything.

But over all Beaker and Jake kind of enjoyed it

Except for the snow

Day 4 Still no power. Highway still closed. But things were a bit more routine so I rode the stationary bike. Beaker watched at first then went to lay by the fire to watch for my return.

Around 4pm I somehow heard Ikigai's alarm whistle from the warm room and came to him. He flopped down for me to pet him for quite awhile. Guess he was scared from being alone so much as I stayed mostly in the living room by the fire. He's agoraphobic and doesn't want to leave the room. In fact his night time contact calls to me, though our routine, were fewer and whisper calls. His ears were light and not his usual bright pink as they conserved heat.

After petting he relaxed more and napped in his hammock.

At 7pm there was a flash of hope and then the lights went out after a few seconds. They continued to flash on and off through the night as they tested the load the city would draw before finally turning it back on in the morning.

It took a couple more days for the highway to open.

Our tree and rose bush suffered some damage but not as much as some. Many trees fell, some had their limbs pealed down from snow load.

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