May 2014

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Jake brought in this little guy the other night soaking wet and in shock. Kept him for a bit to fatten him up. The tanks a bit dirty but here he is today just before being set free at the park by the river. He peeked out of his little house box there after it was lifted from the transport box and looked mom in the eye before taking off and running across mom's foot as a thank you.

Spider face

Spider face

Found him in my room and he looked neat so took some photos before setting him free

Mom played a mean trick on me. She caught 5 flying carpenter ants to give me. I love those, that's not an issue. She stuck them in a little cup in the fridge, well she had some ant eggs in there, these are the ant eggs that come with those Chinese black ants that we hate. She gave me the carpenter ants. Yummy but I was looking for more!

She offered me the cup of ant eggs. Those carpenter ants had gotten their smell and taste all over them so I chowed down. I ate a lot. Then I realized something was wrong with these ants. I stopped and gave mom the dirtiest and most confused look, cocking my head and thinking. I tasted the ants again and was still plenty bewildered and stopped to think some more. I tried them again then stopped to ponder. Gave them one last small taste then went on my way. Mom was laughing at me!

I am also checking out my wood in case there are ants hiding there. I even took a little nap on the rotten branch. Mom stopped by for some snuggles too.

I smelled mango last night and tore into the box only to find little packages of mango coconut tea. How rude. I sure miss mangoes.

Darn mom didn't check the po box Friday but it turns out my ants and cockroaches have been delivered. Now I got to wait till Monday night for good ants.

I did get about a doze carpenter ants last night and I picked out some mom left in the icky ants as well. Aurora tried to eat the left over ants and eggs later but she spilled the cup and ants all over the place. Or maybe she tossed the cup on purpose to show her displeasure that they were the icky ants.

Playtime in the closet nest

Had my morning treat then followed mom to the fridge as she got the dogs breakfast ready. I didn't get anything extra so I joined Aurora in the closet. Aurora gave mom quite the look when she took something from the closet to wash.

The seller short changed us on our cockroaches we were supposed to get 5 10g packages but instead got 5 8.5g packages. These cherry cockroaches are however delicious! Mom decided to try some on me now. I don't mind a snack in bed when it's that tasty. Maybe mom should try raising her own they are more expensive than the ants this way.

Our ant guy came through just great though as always. Mom opened the ants to check the quality and move some to a container. I smelled those ants and got up to sample them, yummy! They are top quality ants and even some winged ones in there. He even sent a couple free samples, what I think are tea bags for pots and some antler slices(the ants are sold at "herbal" tea so "health nut" product sample make sense). Mom may need to order more and stock up. The ants weren't as good when ordered in winter, still better than the black ants any time though.

Ants, now in a new cuter package
Ants, now in a new cuter package

Rotten Log time

Rotten log

Looking for bugs
Looking for bugs

There may be some ants hiding inside
There may be some ants hiding inside

Ugh, what do you want? I'm sleeping.

It's been a doggie day. Hyzzie was feeling good so they went to the park

Then Beaker got a long fast walk around the neighborhood and then they chilled in the yard with mom
Me I got the closet and Aurora has the washer. I don't know how someone can ball up and stretch out at the same time but she has.
Where to go next?
Where to go next?


Grass Rolling

She looked much like this when she first tried the cooling jacket on only head thrown back in protest. Here she was just enjoying herself.

It's chilly today but we are snug in our washer.
Mom tried cutting back on the butter milk in Aurora's soup and she was not impressed so mom had to add some more to get her to eat. She's so picky.

Mom decided to buy Hyzzie an orthopedic bed. It's half foam half memory foam with a velour cover. Mom moved the princess bed and stuck it in it's place. Hyzzie would have none of that. She was given a treat on the bed and she hopped off the bed to eat it.

Mom tried putting the princess bed on top but Hyzzie paced around and said that was totally unacceptable. Mom moved the princess bed back and Hyzzie hopped right in for a nap.

Mom moved the orthopedic bed over next to her clothes basket she sleeps in. Hyzzie ignored it. Mom then got a folded sheet and tossed that over it, since mom knows how much Hyzzie likes to lay on a blanket or fallen coat especially if she thinks she isn't meant too.

Mom wasn't really expecting this trick to work but soon as mom sat down and wasn't looking Hyzzie hopped out of her princess bed and flopped down on the sheet covered orthopedic bed. Might help with her arthritis. She gets restless at night and keeps moving from bed to bed to floor etc.

Mom went to look for something under the bed and pulled the drawer out and stuck her hand in and touched something warm and fuzzy, that growled at her. You should have seen her jump, haha, it was Aurora. So I guess I fibbed a bit. I'm in the washer by myself.

Mom figured she'd go change the closet blanket before anyone got up but when she reached up there, there was Aurora. Apparently she's capable of tele-portation, or I guess she's just really sneaky.

I'm not feeling so good. I didn't eat last night and didn't wake mom for treats. I heard mom give Aurora a treat this morning so I came out of the closet nest to look but I was feeling icky and laid my front down on the shelf but kept by back end up so my tummy wouldn't touch. I refused ants and blue cheese. I did enjoy mom snuggling with me in the closet for a bit and a fresh blanket.

I got up later to sniff at the window but I refused ketchup when offered too even though I've not seen any for months. I had some water then asked mom for a vinegar bath. She poured some out and I started to bath then I threw up my water. Mom cleaned that up and gave me some more vinegar.

I had a real good bath then then had some more water and joined Aurora in the washer. Got up for a bit more water and went back to bed. Hope I feel better tonight.

Sleeping peacefully curled on my side in the washer, hugging my own nose. I did notice you peek at me though mom, how rude.

No I don't want any treats yet, mom. I'll let you know if I do. I need to sleep more now. Snuggled close to Aurora. She's nice and warm.

Had the ketchup and blue cheese mom left out for me. I was begging just now for treats but still don't want ants. I took a bit of buttermilk ranch dressing though.

I went back to bed right after my snacks and slept several hours. Late this morning I ate a bit of my food then went to ask mom for treats and kept asking for treats. I've got some making up to do. I still don't want ants though just cheese and condiments, thank you.

Got up had a drink and a treat, but still no ants please, and a pee and back to the washer for a wake up nap.

Finally. mom offered me some ants from the fridge instead of the ones she kept re-offering me. I like my ants nice and cold. I ate quite a few of those.

I have had the washer to myself all day. Aurora is sleeping under the bed again.

The lights went out so Aurora has crept out of from under the bed and gone to the closet nest. I was up and had my treat already and have gone back to the washer for my wake up nap.

Playtime in the closet!

We played a lot last night. We are both sleeping in the washer now.

Nothing like some nice cold ants on a hot day, yum. Seconds please. Okay and back to bed.

Aurora's under the bed. I got the washer again.

We are both in the washer today. Aurora is burrowed down in the blanket.

I don't need a reason to cry and complain during the night. I have my period. Just give me treats.

There's a gremlin under the bed, never mind, that's just Aurora again.

Aurora nestled in the washer

Aurora nestled in the washer

Pua at the window

Pua at the window

Aurora crept out from under the bed early even with the lights on because it's quieter than usual and is having a snack.
Notice how pretty her fur it. Mom added Taurine to her supplements. It's awesome.
Aurora enjoyed her snack but she wouldn't actually eat her food till the lights were turned out. Ambiance is important.

She moves fast

She moves fast

Aurora has belly fur
Aurora hasbelly fur

 Aurora in the closet nest
Aurora in the closet nest

Aurora checking out the closet nest blanket.

I smelled mom playing with vinegar so I came out and asked for a bath. OH yeah, that feels good. I don't even mind that It's on top of the evil washer and it's running. Aurora was under the bed early this morning but she came out for a snack and is in the washer now.

Vinegar Bath time

Vinegar Bath time

Vinegar Bath time
Vinegar Bath time
Vinegar Bath time
Vinegar Bath time
Vinegar Bath time
Vinegar Bath time
Vinegar Bath time

Lots of crying and shouting and mom still wont tell me where she's hiding Aurora. I want my snuggle buddy back! I did score some treats and a fresh jungle blanket though.
(Aurora is under the bed again).

Went to the closet for awhile but Aurora still hasn't shown up. I'm heading back to the washer. Maybe she will be there now. This is so depressing. Doesn't she know how I worry about her? I need my friend back.

No, nope, going back to the closet.
(For those who missed it Aurora is fine, just sleeping under the bed again.)

I was going to go check the washer again but realized it was pointless and turned back to the closet again.

I don't want blue cheese mom. I want Aurora. Never mind. I'm going back to bed.

Back out ants are okay-ish. Snuggles with mom helps some, a few more ants and back to bed.

Oh a fresh rotten log, that's nice.

Was going to come down and look for Aurora but Beaker came and got in my way. I retreated and cried. I got some blue cheese now though. Where the heck is she?

Aurora is back! The reunion was grand. We clawed the log together. She's got her period. I guess that's why she wanted to be alone. I'm not 100% over mine yet either and needed her to snuggle.

I'm in the washer with Aurora, yay!
I tried to figure out this under the bed thing last night. I got onto the bed with mom stuck my tail in her pants for an anchor and lowered myself down but didn't see a way in from the side but could smell that's where she had been hiding.

Got tired of sharing the washer with Aurora so I have gone to my princess hammock for some fresh air.

Pua's Mommy: Pua will be pleased by this bizarre event. I went to go through a bag of old packaged cat toys from when I used to have a store. They were in the shed. I dumped the bag out. There was an ant nest in there!

Little black ants and eggs all over but they hadn't harmed anything they were using the plastic wrinkles as their tunnels. Supper weird but I gathered as many as I could and she can have them tonight. I may split them and see if Aurora wants them as well but she usually wont do ants in a cup.

Got up for a pee and a snack. Mom offered Aurora some ants but she took one whiff and backed up into her blanket cocoon. So I got to eat them all!
Back in the washer now.
Mom just found out the stash of ants under the bed has been decimated. Guess Aurora has been sleeping under the bed to stay by her food source. But that's a rather expensive diet and mom will need to order more now.

OMG soaked chia seeds are the best! They are all slimy and cold. I ate those things up with a manic passion. It's like having a cup full of tiny slugs.

I got a big grub today from the yard. It was about as big as mom's pinky finger. It was a bit hard to get in my mouth but so worth it.

Got up, had some snuggles with mom, sniffed out the window while chilling in the safety hammock, clawed up the log and had gone to take my wake up nap with Aurora in the washer.


So sleepy
So sleepy
Hey, how you doin'?
Hey, how you doin'?

I got the washer to myself because crazy person is sleeping under the bed again. The ants have been cleaned up. I guess she just likes it there now.

Just got up to check the closet. Nope Aurora isn't there. Back to the comfy washer.

I went to the closet for awhile but now it's time to go back to the washer.

Score there are roses by the washer. Yummy.

Mom heard Aurora stir under the bed so went to get her soup and when she got to the closet Aurora was sitting all chill in the nest, like, "I been here all along"

I like sticking my claws in the soup and licking them and it drips everywhere. Messy fun.

I've decided to poop in the closet where Aurora normally poops. Mom know it was me because Aurora diarrhea earlier in the night. Maybe just a passing bug we played a lot after. Mom says she liked it better when we pooped in different places. So she knew for sure who's was who's.
And I still really love soaked chia seeds. It's not a passing fad.

Awe c'mon, mom, we're sleeping here.

Pua's mommy: Pua looks pretty out of it. When I first peaked Aurora had her hand over her eye like she was keeping the light out(I was hoping to catch that when I came back with the camera but they are light sleepers). Maybe she needs sleep mask.

Got up to have a groom and mom offered me vinegar to bath in. No thank you. Back to bed.

Sweet dreams Hyzzie bear

I just discovered the new big refrigerator! Mom was hiding ants in there! I couldn't get the lid off but tore holes in it. This made me a bit manic but some soaked chia seeds helped calm me down.

I tried to raid the new fridge again last night but couldn't get the lower handle to move so I pulled the upper handle. The fridge was totally different. It was all icy and no ants. I did not appreciate the trick.

Mom got up early to work. I was in my princess hammock but Aurora kept pacing around till she got soup and mom put a fresh blanket in the washer while she was at it. I moved to the washer but now I'm settled in the closet. Aurora has the washer and her front half is covered by the blanket.

Aurora was up this morning for some food and tried to settle in the closet so I came to the closet to try and make her play so she fled to the washer and I chased her, we claw battled a bit now and then along the way. That was a pretty fun game. Then she stopped to try and open the washer so I jumped on her and held on. She reared up but I held tight but then she started poking my hands so I got off.

She went in the washer and I ate some of my food. We are spending the day snuggled together in the washer.

 I ring the bell
I ring the bell

 Now you bring a treat
Now you bring s treat.

 Tamandua Claw close up

Tamandua Claw close up
Mom found this little fellow under a log when looking for bugs for me in the yard. He's a rough skinned newt. He was dehydrated and lethargic so mom put him in a container on a wet paper towel and took him to the creek. He lifted his head and took a look then took off. He seemed very happy.
Hyzzie had to go to the vet for her old lady check up yesterday so today she got to go to the park. She's 14.5 and has never needed a dental.

We played a lot the last couple nights and we had fresh logs to claw up too.

We played a lot last night and all over. I rode Aurora across the desk and we play battled on the cat tree.

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