Pua around the house

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I thought Hyzzie would jump when she saw Pua like the dogs tend to but she didn't notice her. So it's Pua walking for those that just can't get enough anteater action

Hey who put this stuff infront of the pet door

Digusted she got down and marched off. I still keep a close eye on her. She could get past that if she realy felt like it.

Trying again at the other end of the door. She could figure this out too. I have video of a tamandua opening a sliding glass door that wasn't locked.

I'm gonna climb up your leg for a better view

Pua will get up on the edge of Jupiters cage or her food box and look carefuly then reach out and make a grab like she's trying to get me or the food she thinks I have though I'm usualy well out of reach. She must not have good depth perception at a distance. She will persist and do this several times

This was the best I could do tonight on video she just does it once but you can see it's just a grab and not trying to "get me"

I bent down at the fridge and Pua climbed on my back from the bunny cage and road me back to the bed

The darkening pigment on Pua's paws

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Pua photo shoot

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Poor Pua got woken up during the day for this. Since I passed my USDA I will be doing animal education shows soon with Pua if all goes smoothly. So started on a webpage today and didn't have an example type picture of me handling Pua that might pass for an Ed show moment. I figured out the timmer on the camera and set it up then started taking pictures of me and a confused Pua.

The first ones came out awful due to a poor choice in wall colors then I found a nice blue wall so will Put the nicer pics first.

I tested all was well with Jupiter first

So then I woke Pua up for her second round of photos

turns out Pua's better at smiling than I am

I quit after this one. I mean you can't beat having the tongue out even if she is on the way. So will use this pick and will link to an info page about what I'll do and a few more pictures there

The failed shots this one the camera wasn't set up right but darn she was posed well

This one was okay but my eyes were red and kinda fixed them after but even Pua looks sickly infront of that green wall

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