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About Us

I've got a long story. I was born in a place called Guyana, in South America. I wasn't doing well in the wild and I wound up with this nice lady I now call mom. She nursed me back to health and takes good care of me. I like ants termites and blue cheese, best. I love to play wrestle and go for long hikes in the woods and swim in the river. I do love my home. I wear clothes to keep warm. I know they keep me warm so they are nice. I don't mind them any more than my harness which I like because it means I get to go for a hike.

Stewie was the best ambassador there was but we lost him Feb 2008 to a genetic condition. His body attacked it's self and there was nothing we could do to save him. We leave his info here so that you may still share in the wonderful soul that was Stewie.

I'm Stewie. I was born in Florida and I love attention and showing off. I'm very smart. I open drawers and cabinets. I'm learning lots of tricks like, come, stand, walk on two legs, wave, go too, hold onto things, hold and eat out of my own spoon. I'm even learning how to paint.

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