Huggy Pua

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Are you Done yet?

Pua was sleeping here while I did dishes but looked up when I came over to take a pic

Sleeping baby

so snuck up on her quietly later and got this

Sleeping Beauty

Zoomed in on her sleeping

sleeping on couch

more of a face shot

You're done now, right?

It's time for you to join me


Pua loves to hug

Fuzzy Hug

But so sweet

Pole Climber

This one reminds me of a toy where this bear is holding a pole and bounces down the pole.

So Sad

Hyzzie was tired but wanting some attention too

Rub My Belly

Dinette Set

Pua's newest bowl holder. Think she might not tip this one.

Drinks too

She smelled my water so had to open it for her and she drank with her tongue through the little hole

Hole's to small

That's better

Took the lid off for her

Paw over snout

foot not hand

The ever dashing Quasimoto

She loves all of Kat's things. She finaly got her wish and marked it as her's the other night when I was in the shower.

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