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We picked him up Thursday night and he looked at us but then lay his head down and after some debate we left him in the crate he came in since he seemed comfortable. I suppose that was a mistake. I just thought he was tired. He didn't move the whole ride home. He barely moved when I got him out of the crate.

I put him in the hammock and he didn't move all night but I was putting fluids in him hourly.

The next morning he started reacting to us. I held him and he rubbed his nose, now cool and moist against me cheek and sniffed my breath and dozed and I squeezed his hands but he was upset when I'd move so I put him back. He had several small wounds on him from shipping in clouding a bump on his head.

I gave him a used blanket of Pua's and he snuggled into it.

We started putting food in him with a dropper. He remained the same all day but started having diareah that evening and had crashed again this morning. He died on the way to the vet.

I'm so sorry little bear. We burried him in the woods by one of Pua's trails in Stewie's old hammock. With Flowers and love little man.
It was like a funeral for both Kamena and Stewie since he never had one. I'm sure Stewie will help him back on his way.

The man who sent him is taking blame for not keeping him longer but I'm sure everyone who had any contact with him has a lot of what ifs right now. He has been very supportive through the whole thing and that means a lot.

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