Vet trip

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Took Jupiter to the vet today. He's in excelent health and a year or less old. she said to give him a couple weeks to settle in then we can neuter him. He even went on a little trip around the clinic with the vet just so overyone got to see him. The educated guess as to breed is dutch-netherland cross. He's just over four pounds.

I treid to pick up some frozen mice for my store while down there but got lost and didn't want to keep the bunny locked up any longer so gave up and headed back up the hill so will work something out for the mice next week. Unfortunatly I'm the sort not to stop and ask dirrections did call but got a machine so next week.

So then pictures.Since Jupiter likes to use the wicker bed as an outhouse we filled it with dog litter and made him this bed for his favorite corner. He does seem to like it. I love when he sighs and just flops down on his side and stetches out.
Quasi missed his fake rock bowl of water so gave it back and bunny now has his own special cage bowls.
Bunny is a dare devil and likes to get up high. He hops in and out of the top of the bed on his own.
He also finaly hopped the foot board of the bed and got into the stuffed play pen Q&H sleep in. He then hopped from there into their clothing basket.Hyzzie steals some bunny kibble.

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