A new toy and Pua pics

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We got our monthly toy gift so borrowed a camera to take pictures

Hyzzie latched on to this toy and loved it

"I squeeked and grrred over it all night long"

Quasi did steal it from her once

Pua says HI

and gave a hand massage

Then more play

And more grooming anf finger poking

Then she grabbed her tail thinking it was mine. she's sure I must have one hiding somewhere.

A little grooming here

and a little grooming thereDarn just when you think you're nice and hiden someone comes and flashed a camera in your face

and some Pua videos
Pua play fighting on the head board but taking plety of time for grooming before going for a snack

Pua wrestling part under cover

Pua hug
Dark wrestle video that ends in a tamandua hug

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anteaters, puppies, and snow. Oh my!

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Pua was walking about the house and took her into the living room with me and she decided to play and a video was taken. Part way through she stops and grabbs my arm. She is kneading my arm like a cat, giving a massage so I do the same to her arm :) then more play. I choose Joseph arthur - You're So True to cover the Tv background noise for the lyrics "I'm strange and you're so strange"

All photos and video off my fathers camera because mine is dead now.
Photo of our anti-suicide-dive-bombing-birdy window painting
Looks much better from the outside

Kat is no fan of snow
Our tree yesterday

The snow yesterday been snowing on and off today too

Hyzzie in the snow yesterday

She wore a coat today and I tossed snowballs around for her the snow was much deeper and eventualy her coat got so snow crusted it came open so took her back in.

Our tree last night

More trees today

Our back yard this morning before Hyzzie ran all over

Our tree today

Neighbors tree I needed this pic because it was just so pretty last night

The surrounding hillsides

Hyzzie before going out in the snow

Quasi is hiding but he did join us for a bit just to see what we nuts were doing out there

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First snow

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Our first snow of the season came this morning
Q&H weren't imressed

But Hyzzie did one quick zoomy

Some bonus Pua pictures

To the bathroom and to her new favorite spot

The sink
I actualy hindered her by having her hamock in the sink already and had to give her a boost at the end

Missed her going up in the corner but Pua coming down

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Banana Fun

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Pua was all settled and snuggled under the covers but I had to get up for a moment and she curling up but then she saw me with the camera
"You coming back to bed?"

Then when I came back she was curled up here, crying softly to herself. She was fine when we snuggled in again.

Pua drinking her gruel out of freezer mug. She likes it nice and cold.

First she took my Kiwi and shreeded it and licked up the juice then she took my bannana
She did a good job of peeling it

Then clawed it up and licked up the mush

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Q&H Park Walk

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The river up rushing around the trees on the bank. One place we passed it was really roiling and splashing up in the air.

I just think the baby furns coming up are pretty

Some little mushrooms
And a big heart shaped one

Quasi thought it was to cold and wet out

Hyzzie was hunting for chipmunks. Last week I let her off in a safe spot and she hopped around the bushes like a fox thinking she was hunting

Forced to climb a small hill

"Come on! what are you waiting for?"

A yellow shroom

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