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Eldorado relaxing in his hammock

Edorado relaxing in his hammock
He spends most of his time sleeping but that's "normal" for an animal in his condition. He had a nice big poop last night and his skin is looking a little pinker. He had also pooped on the drive home and one other time.

I've gotten a lot of food questions lately and one wondered the consistency of the food mix. So here you go.

3 cups ground beef(75% lean)
3 cups feeder insects(optional but ups the protein) Wasn't in this batch but plan to order more for next time
1 cup beef heart
1/3 cup flax seed
1 cup wheat bran
1/3 cup spinach or 1 teaspoon dried thyme
3tbls black strap molasses(for iron)
2 tbls nutritional yeast(for iron and B vitamins)(They have very high iron needs)

Always add vinegar, cider preferred. Pua always drinks some so I don't measure the vinegar. I just add some so it's not so dry and seems the right consistency. Vinegar is for digestion to replace the acid in the ants and termites. They lack the stomach acid of other mammals.

This time I added grape seed oil for vit E instead of mixing that into her cheese. So that makes it a little different than without. not much different though as I added maybe a half cup to a large batch, like 14X the recipe.

Eldorado eats it better if I add more vinegar to his. I just plash a bit on his food in the bowl and mix it.

Formulated to match the nutrient composition of their wild diet. I mostly use thyme now as Pua likes it that way and it helps preserve the food as does the vinegar.

PS when I mention not being able to eat the chunks I mean if it gets cooked and bits get hard from cooking. I try to remember to set some down soon enough to avoid having to micro thaw it to avoid accidental cooking

Jupiter outside
Jupiter outside
He feels cooped up not being able to get in the anteater cage

A wild flower
A wild flower

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