Jake's vet visit

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Jake went to the vet today and got his first shot. He'll get another in a month then the last one in another month or when he's neutered, depending. He also got wormed topically with something new that kills tapes too. Maybe I should have been more skeptical of something new but I liked the idea of the one worming and being done.

I put a harness on him and brought his crate incase he freaked out, as normal cats do. He loved it. He climbed up on my shoulder to look out, tried to explore the car but I wouldn't let him in the front then napped. She didn't find any air still under his skin and he only had a tiny red spot left by his belly button instead of the big bruise he had. She said maybe a dog bit him and the pulling of the skin by the tooth could let air under the skin but I think he'd be in a lot worse shape if he got bit by a dog. Seems to me he fell out of the tree, at least part way. Hit his chest on a limb forcing some air from his lung, a minor bruised lung can sometimes be symptom free though most cases aren't minor. I never found any wounds either except for the bruise. The important part we agreed on which is he's just fine so I didn't bother explaining my bruise lung theory. He loved the vet and kept climbing up onto her shoulder. He was a hit being in a harness where everyone could see him and not screaming in a crate.

After the vet he was hungry so he had some of the Iams kitten that came in his welcome kitty package and ate it from my hand. This is not a normal cat, lol. Then he got restless and meowing so when we stopped at the store Dad walked him and he pooped under a bush while we bought some more food for him. He slept most of the ride home.
Really sorry I forgot my camera because it went so well.

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