More Pua

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First Pua has a little goatee and tried to get a pic of it. Seems her whiskers are on her chin to help her feel ants and termites since she cant see around that big snout. Used macros but they aren't great plus my own hair got in the way on the one.

Now to get the gruzzely bit out of the way. Pua came with this ear problem and the Anteater Pox plus the worms. so really I do consider her a recsue animal since she wouldn't have survived to much longer in the wild like that. So anyway have been treating her ear with neem oil but not making enough progress so decided to peel the crusts off her ear so the neem can go dirrectly to the problem.

Ear before peeling.

Ear after peeling.

Close up of peeled ear.

Pua was sweet and mostly tried to sleep during the peeling but did lift a paw now and then when it hurt.

Pics of Puas healing pox on her cheek though she still has them elsewhere.
Close up pics I cropped her chin shots from

More pics of Pua cuddling.

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The first week of august

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Been awhile since I posted. In part was because I couldn't find my camera's charger. Could still take pics but no power for screan view. So here's about a weeks worth of pics.

Pua loves to snuggle but her favorite thing is having her feet and paws squeezed. Like rubbing a pups belly she just relaxes and unless really hyper dozes and goes sort of trance like. She's reluctant to let go once you start though.
"don't you dare take that hand back"

"Oh yeah that's good"
Pua on her way home from work. I usualy take her harness off first but she had been asleep so forgot.
Pua pees like a race horse. She usualy is on all fours and spreads her back legs this time she tried something new and peed standing up her head tucked down but she finished just as I took the pic.
She was a wild thing one day and after finding nothing to intrest her for long went to put her in her cage but she grabbed onto the curtain on the way back. Couldn't get her off without pulling the curtain down so just left her hand and went to get the camera but by then she had made her way to here.
"I think this harness is to big for me"
Then one night I tried to put her in her cage for a bit but she grabbed the outside and wound up going up top.
She didn't choose the best way down by climbing onto the swinging door.

Uh oh dead endShe found her way onto Jupiter's cage and headed my way
Sleeping on my lap at the shop
The view of my bed room last night only blacked out the closet since not finished yet.
Close up of Hyzzie
Quasi who's all busness
And Pua all snuggled in

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