Bath time 4-17-07

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I don't like this room let me out

I'm gonna dig out

All sudsed up and no where to go

Pua is not fond of bath time

Kind of likes this

When ever I spray her belly with the warm water she grabs hold of the shower head and tries to keep it there.

Hold it right there

If the whole bath were just belly spray she would enjoy it more

rinsing clean

all done washig, and all wet

I don't need dry I need out

let me out of this torture chamber

After Pua's bath the other night i oiled her tail and paw pads. I normally do this when she's sleeping but she was wide awake and playful after her bath but her tail was dry so did it. she sniffed her tail grabbed it in her claws then rubber her wrists and paws against it before rubbing her chest on it, hehe was very cute but no pictures my hands were greasy :P
the chest rub was actualy her chest slide but it's hard to describe and never managed to get a pic of it yet. a video would probably show it beter but it comes out of no where. She first did it when wet so will do it after her bath and started doing it when cold and other times for unknow reasons so likely just for fun. She Spreads her arms pressing her chest down to something and pushes with her back feet and slides. she even did it on her last walk in the woods due to it being later than usual and chilly. she was slidding along or off the end of logs. she's now fond of sliding her chest back and forth across my headboard. She can do it at randome but does it alot coming down from some where. She did it going down the step into my room after her bath but missed it. She used to just flatten and slide to more carefully climb down from somewhere but there's a difference in this slide with the motives rather uncertain.