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Pua all stretched out on my lap at the shop.
I just looked at pua's face and all her pox there are now pink and clear of crusts except the one right under her eye has a tiny bit of crust yet. So the DE worked on them. Now she's got a big uggly one on her arm to start working on nede to try decrusting it to get the treatments down to the surface. Her ear is looking great almost there to being free of any infections but it looks like it will always look funky poor babe but no one seems to notice in person but me.

We went shopping today and a got a microwave for Pua ;) well it's so I can heat her formula up for those morning feedings without going into the main house. Also remember that cute double decker bed? Jupiter at off the top deck and was working on a hole in the upper floor so before his hang out was ruined I got him this basket to replace it and keep him chewing all the way through. He seems to have other plans and wants to make a record of chewing through the new basket.

Pua was better when we got home this time. Had eaten some of the food I left her and peed but she didn't seem as upset.

Hyzzie is still trying to teach Jupiter to be a real dog. Tonight she gave him a growling lesson. She and Jupiter were nose to nose through the cage and she kept snarling playfully at him. She finaly walked away in disgust because he just didn't get it.

Her attempts to teach Pua to be a dog don't work so well. She will growl and lung at Pua who jumps back out of the way often to fall off the bed. Hyzzie does get in trouble for that but doesn't understand why since she's just playing. It's a good thing Pua is so layed back and knows Hyzzie is family. She still is scared of the cat smell, though they've had no more contact.

Just to note they sometimes sleep next to each other so it's not real agression for Hyzzie. One time Pua was sleeping in her hammock and fell out but caught herself with her tail. I said "poor Poo poor poor poo" and Hyzzie started whining so had to reasure her Pua was alright.

One day on a walk for some reason there was a dead possum hanging on a low fence tail out. Hyzzie saw it and didn't know it was dead and wanted to play with it.

One time I had icecream in a little cup like Pua gets fed out of sometimes. She got excited and went for the cup. I let her check it out thinking she'd have nothing to do with it. She loved it but was pissed it was so cold and started clawing at it but wouldn't leave the cup alone. I tried some melted ice cream once just to see and she wanted nothing to do with it. Poor Poo just doesn't understand cold.

A very lazy Pua. Yeah try doing that with a cold ant nest in the wild jungle tops.

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