A new toy and Pua pics

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We got our monthly toy gift so borrowed a camera to take pictures

Hyzzie latched on to this toy and loved it

"I squeeked and grrred over it all night long"

Quasi did steal it from her once

Pua says HI

and gave a hand massage

Then more play

And more grooming anf finger poking

Then she grabbed her tail thinking it was mine. she's sure I must have one hiding somewhere.

A little grooming here

and a little grooming thereDarn just when you think you're nice and hiden someone comes and flashed a camera in your face

and some Pua videos
Pua play fighting on the head board but taking plety of time for grooming before going for a snack

Pua wrestling part under cover

Pua hug
Dark wrestle video that ends in a tamandua hug

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