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December 31, 2016 at 11:41pm ·

Good Waking. Time for Champagne!

Mom: It's not midnight yet. Here's some coconut.

No. Time for Champagne!

Mom: Okay, fine. How did you even know.

New Years Champagne
New Years Champagne

December 31, 2016 at 11:45pm ·
Aurora: It's cocktail time. Hey, no photos, human, don't ruin the moment.

January 2 at 12:15pm ·
Mom: Pooping on the cat walk was not funny. When I pulled the blanket down in the morning poop fell onto the bed.

Pua: Sounds pretty funny to me.
January 3 at 12:13am ·
Played and snuggled with mom in the closet nest on a fresh poofy blanket.

January 4 at 11:53pm ·
Last night I skipped snuggling with mom to check out the new log but wasn't impressed so went to pee and have my snacks but then I talked her into play and snuggles in the closet nest.
Then played with Aurora in the closet when she got up. Then in the morning I joined her in her box to play but I later left to sleep in the closet.

I have not yet decided what I will do tonight.

January 5 at 2:51pm ·
We ran around a lot last night. Aurora was still running around this morning as she tried to decide where to sleep. Then mom heard something that sounded like Aurora just fell over. So mom opened her eyes and looked over.

There Aurora lay on her side on the shelf with one hand holding the bar over her and head hanging off the end. After a few moment mom sat up and asked if she was okay.
A beat longer than normal but that sent Aurora hopping to and flying up the shelves away then she continued on her rounds.

I guess she did just fall and need a few moments to orient herself.

On a similar note mom noticed the blanket she put in the washer has some loose plastic threads so changed it out for another so she could remove them all. With Aurora's accident prone history it'd be just like her to get tangled and wind up with a dead limb or something. Can't be too careful with that one.
January 8 at 12:02am ·
Been playing a lot with Aurora the last couple nights so I went to bed early this morning and left her to run around. I got up just now and had my supplements then found a fresh blanket in the closet and tucked myself into the folds of it for a wake up nap.

January 8 at 6:20pm ·
Mom: ugh, anteater hair and fleece shirts do not mix.

What's the problem now.

Mom: Your prickly hairs getting tangled up in my long sleeved shirts.

Hmm, sounds like anteater hair mixes quite well with fleece to me.
January 8 at 11:54pm ·
Good Waking Everybody!

I turn my head away to yawn and mom takes photos anyway!
Real yawn
Dainty yawn

Play time with Pua
Play time with Pua


Wrestle time
 Wrestle time

The other eye isn't as bad. Sad but pretty common at her age.

So Sleepy
 So sleepy

Sleeping on the cross beam Sleeping on the cross beam

Are you coming back now? Are you coming back now?

January 10 at 12:00pm ·
We played all over the place last night, the princess hammock, the closet, the box. Aurora now is less likely to bolt when mom gets up to get a treat but still goes off the the closet shelf. When mom gets me a treat she gives Aurora some ants and Aurora expects them on the shelf.

Aurora took the washer though so I'm in the closet nest.

Yesterday at 12:56pm ·
Yesterday I complained till mom came over and checked the washer but she said there was nothing she could do about the situation for me so I was forced to share the washer with Aurora. Today I gave up and slept in the closet nest.

We had a good night though as we got ground beef. I didn't even touch my avocado or wake mom for treats.

Was complaining this morning and mom brought over a blanket but when she opened the washer and saw Aurora was already there she just said "Sorry I'm not kicking her out"

Not fair. She went to put a fresh blanket in the closet so I came over and asked for a treat. Aurora heard about this and came running over for ants. Mom put a fresh blanket in the washer then and I came and tried it out but I had a couple more things to do first so came back out and told Aurora mom didn't change the blanket and she went into her box without checking the washer again.

I had a nice vinegar bath and a late meal then settled into the washer all to myself. Home sweet home.

Domestic and wild stuff
Tufted Cute Things
Tufted Cute Things
Ceder Waxwings and a robin who thought he was part of their flock, despite lots of other robins around.

Crow a bit closer


 Snow Over the Barn
Snow over the barn

 Snow on Trees
Snow on trees

The hardy flowers
The hardy flowers
The hardy flowers

Jake sun bathing
Jake sun bathing

No slushy street

Running through the snow, licking raindrops off his nose
Running Beaker

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