Two faces of Pua

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Pua at rest
Doesn't she remind you of Yoda?
she took a nap on the head board when I was busy

A foot shot to compair with Oct foot shot

OCT had none of that dark pigment on the heal. Her palms have gotton that dark color under the claws too

a late night snack requires you to be laying down

Sorry anteaters don't pose for pictures
The night before Pua went out a little bit and last night she was out running around the house

In my parent's closet

In the lab. We call it the lab now as dad make his pet soaps there. I kept a close eye on her.

Our freezer

Leaving the lab, that rug was stained when we moved in

alright the pet door
But it's raining and cold I'm not so sure any more
she just sat there sniffing for a long time then turned away and kept coming back. She did try to open it a couple times eventualy. So then we started a game of my taking her to my parents room and she would run zooming back up the hall to the pet door. She got some good excerise that way. We used to do a similar thing in the yard she just loves to run.

Leaving the cat condo

And for those that were wondering and I know some of you were, you know who you are.
Pua's Poop
she did this last night. She got up a few times but never smelled anything and this morning found it in the closet. Still was no smell unless you sniff it close up. that's better than the dogs poop. Similar consistancy too.

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