Pua In Toy Land NIGHT 2

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Let's have some ants santa or else

Pua went back to the crib to play tonight

You got a funny beard

Lots of these toys have squeekies and noise makers. I'd make them go and she'd get excited and poke her nose at the spot but didn't figure out to squeeze with her claws to make them make noise for her. This one talks.

I like your eyes.. let me have them

Like all little fur kids she likes to go for the eyes

Having a ball

sniff poke

after the polar bears eyes now

Oh what's this thing?

Was hoping she'd figure out there's toys inside to pull out

She liked it but so far just to claw and sniff at

More toys down here?

she's so fun to watch rooting around in the toys. It's funny from not playing with toys to loving them all in a matter of days.

Likes santa Deer the best

the squeeker is in his hat.


I want to do what you're doing

She just loves to sit on the computer or play with my cellphone or camera. She sat there and tried to get her claw under and pull a key off the key board earlier and had to ditract her.

She was using it as a grooming station here.

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Pua In Toy Land

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Pua got a drink of water then went into the crib and did this, whatever it was she thought she was doing

She was very focused

Sniffing an licking the baby blanket

dig sniff poke

I got video of her odd little game burrowing around like an armadillo

sniff the polar bear

poke the santa deer

coming out from under

She burrowed under the blankets but came back out

You following me again?

Gimme that thing

Sniff and poke the ball

look close her nose is smooshed against it. She smoshes her nose into things to sniff

I think I'm done

But i might take this baboon with me

Or I'll take this cat

or no wait what's that down there? I'll take that.


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