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Jupiter has been locked out of the back of the shop. He'll have to be more social now.

At first I got rid of his pen and moved his stuff to the back since he was back there so much anyway. I thought I was being nice but bunnies don't like change.He wasn't using his litter box even though had seen him in it and near it a lot. Never found a place where he was going so foolishly thought he was just holding it till he got home. He did go to his litter box first thing. Well yesterday saw him sitting on the old lightbulbs. When they changed the long floresent lights they stacked them in the back like wood with a box to hold them in place. I went towards him and he ran. Upon closer inspection there were pellets all over the bulbs and then later peed colected in the corner underneith, yuck. So after toying with a few different ideas I moved his cage back out but a bit smaller and blocked the way to the back with boxes and a mini cage with the extra cage frames. He doesn't really seem to upset though but the pic was taken just after he discovered he was blocked off from the back. He's laying her next to me sprawled out by the counter now.

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