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February 1 ·

OMG what's with all the screaming?
Mom: That's just Beaker whining to go out.
Well tell him that's not right!

February 2 ·
Pua begins to yawn.
Mom: Aw... OMG gross!!
Pua: What? Don't tell me you never spit up a little while yawning.
Mom: um, no ew.
Pua: What ever.

February 2 ·
I got really moody last night. I had all the treats but it didn't help. So mom put on jungle sounds. I stopped crying instantly. I turned and sat listening intently for a long time. Then went to the window to sniff and listen more but no matter how many times I sniffed it still didn't smell like we were in the jungle. I guess the smell-o-vision part is broken. I napped a bit on the shelf and listened a lot and sniffed now and then out the window to make sure. A couple hours of that and I finally had a final snack and turned in.

Aurora on the other hand stayed in her box till the sounds were turned off then she darted to the closet shelf. She came out onto the window shelf and looked down at mom so mom tried turning the sounds back on but she retreated to the closet again till the sounds were off for a good while. Then she went and had some ants before turning in. I guess she only likes country music.

Actually it's possible sounds of her old home give her bad memories, who knows. I find them soothing. You decide:Best Relaxing Jungle Sounds Tropical Amazon Rainforest With Distant Thunder 3 Hours Long ! Chillout

February 4 at 12:31am ·
Aurora: Nope not weighing me tonight human! Feel that? That's all muscle, MUSCLE!

February 4 at 12:46am ·
I had to help Aurora finish her cocktail. It was cold and gave me the shivers but snuggles with mom helped me warm up.

Curled up Cheesy Face
Curled up Cheesy Face

February 4 at 6:14pm ·
I started out in the washer then half way through the day went to the closet. Then got up later in the afternoon for a major groom and enjoyed mom helping scratch my back. Finally I got up and headed back to the washer. The closet excursion was nice but it's even nicer to be home with my toy to hug.
Pua in her washer
Pua hugs her toy

February 4 at 9:17pm ·
Sometimes Aurora's snoring sounds like a phone on vibrate.

February 8 at 4:25am ·
Try to ignore me when I ask for a treat huh? Well, I just stick my nose under the covers here and rub my cold nose up and down on your bare leg like so. Yep now you're moving.

February 10 at 9:53am ·
"Why you gotta be hissing like that?" Pua to garbage truck.

February 10 at 12:16pm ·
Aurora: I was sharing the washer and the jungle blanket with Pua but she kept opening the lid so I have returned to my box.

February 13 at 12:05pm ·
Mom finally figured out that just because she likes ice cold water doesn't mean that I do and either puts it out early so it's room temp or warms it up a bit. So much better. It's just too cold out of the tap this time of year.

 February 15 at 12:19pm ·
Fresh log last night!
It's log time

February 16 at 6:13pm ·
Aurora: Last night one of the ceiling doors on my box opened up a crack and the servant's hand came in and pet me then slipped away. Apparently she was checking on me since she hadn't heard me snoring. Not sure how to take that but I've made a few sounds today while sleeping. That should keep human hands to themselves.

February 19 at 10:31am ·
Take me for a ride Aurora!
Aurora: Don't you dare.
{photo taken}
Aurora: Was that a flash? Is the human up? Nah, okay going to go eat.
Pua: Mom's up, yay, give me treats!
Take me for a ride

February 21 at 7:33pm ·
Entry requires the password, or a bribe.
Entry requires the password or a bribe

February 23 at 11:12am ·
Pua's Mommy: The anteater's were running around so much last night that they ran into my dreams and I dreamed they were running around in circles while music played, which is pretty much what was happening except for the music.

February 24 at 10:56am ·
Midnight: Good waking mom ~Pukes onto the bed~
Mom: ew, gross
Pua: How do you think I feel? Actually I feel fine. Can we still snuggle
PS: she really was fine must have just had some phlegm in her tummy when she woke up and drank too fast.

February 25 at 12:29pm ·
Good Morning!
Tried to get a photo of Aurora peeking out but she kept ducking back in so I took one inside. Not sure how she tucks herself back in so quickly.
Morning Ladies

February 26 at 2:16pm ·

Just before nail trims. I took the tips off her big claws but they didn't want to yield to clippers for any decent amount. So I'll have to break out the Dremmel later and file away at them a bit at a time. Aurora sheds hers naturally so they don't get too long. I guess Pua just has tougher nails.
Speaking of Aurora since she tucked herself in upside down her head was wrapped up in the blanked so I just heard lots of sniffing from her during my intrusion.
Pua in the washer
Ps the cup she's wearing as a hat had her morning supplement laced treats in it from earlier.

February 26 at 6:52pm ·
Aurora: OMG the human reached into the washer and started petting my belly then my throat. I sat there stunned and sniffing at first then I realized her hand was wet! She used "leave in" shampoo on me. But then she offered cheese and she had the nerve to try and rinse me of the foam. I fled for my life to the safety of my box.

When you had too many ants the night before
When you had too many ants the night before 28th
Aurora's shed claw
Aurora's shed claw

Elusive Aurora
Elusive Aurora

Jake digs in a box

Jake digs at a box

Jake in a box
Jake in a Box

Early Spring Wading
Early Spring wading

He was disappointed when I didn't follow.
Early Spring wading

Early Spring wading

Early Spring wading

Ghost cat and chimera cat
Ghost cat and chimera cat

Beaker at the park
Beaker at the park
Beaker at the park

Pollen Season
It's pollen time

Stuff growing on a scotch broom
Stuff growing on a scotch broom

Sapling by river

Beaker's Girlfriend
Beaker's girlfriend

Beaker's girlfriend

When is he coming home?
Is he back yet?


Loose Chickens
Loose Chickens

Why wont they come say hi?
They won't come say hi

Young Mouse
Young mouse in the wild

Jake decided the deceased cactus garden would be a nice spot to sleep
Jake yawn

Sleeping in the planter

Cat Garden
Jake plant

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