A restless Pua

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Pua was restless tonight even though at times she seemed tired she left me and explored my room

I'm kinda sleepy but I need to move around


Maybe a cat nap

Why are you following me around?

Not really my thing but those feathers smell interesting

So I tried to get her intrest in it with a dab of honey

This back fired because she assumed there would be more inside

So she tried to pry it open with her claws

But she just dented it

Tried putting her in the closet then and she needed a good groom first then a fight
So I set the camera near by and managed to get the best Pua fight video yet. she's doing her fast snake strikes
Pua then fund her way onto the dresser but it's set up really high on a bigger dresser so it's stable. She had another cat nap.

She then moved to the cage and was picking at the corner
"You again? What do you want?"

Hmm maybe I can pick this thing appart

Time to move on

Going down

At one point I stuck her on a shelf in the closet. She was real interested in this shirt. Maybe it didn't get washed so good.
Climbing down video

Seemed Pua was finaly done in

But no not yet
She didn't run around as much but had a good poop in the closet and wrestled and groomed a good bit more before finaly eating a bunch more then finaly settling in for real.

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Meet the Guinea Pigs

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No names yet but I came in and the brown male was out he ran and hid in the house and pushed the female out to face the danger of me.

The male in his razor back glory

checking out the fresh water

This one let me thouch him but then he started vibrating

the female was more skitish but bribery got her to come over

They seemed to like this better than their pellets but wont leave it in with them all the time

I missed the picture but Jupiter came over and was nibbling too from the outside

Used the power of food to pet a little more
I also was able to hold them both the brown one was fine but the little girl struggled a bit

How they managed to fit into that little bird house. There was also a layer of poop lining the bottum

their new disposible house. The female went right in but the male was more reluctant

Since the wood house was gone I gave them this big peice of drift wood to chew on

The female cautiously comes back out

They then spent the rest of the morning arguining over how to arrange the furniture in ther new home before finaly going back to sleep

Pua last night on her way to the bathroom

Jupiter showing some interest as long as she's not in his cage

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