Pua again

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Pua was so tired after her photoshoot she fell asleep in her food. Actualy falling asleep in her food is fairly comon. She'll doze off till her nose goes down far enough to bubble then wake back up and drink more. This time she just slept with her nose bearly out of the food.

So I replaced her food with my hand for her to rest on.

Covering her nose as she sleeps.

Okay an ear update. This was before peeling today didn't get any after. It's worst on the edges now but it bleed in a few spots when I picked at the crusts on the edges and that's a good sign we are getting healthy tissue again there. Have been coating her ear and pox in DE and I think you can see the improovment here. This was also after some lotion because the DE does make her ear really dry but the DE was put on after peeling. Normaly she gets the neem to moisten the ear since it also treats too but it really needed more moiturizing than that.

Close up of the tip. It's had a sort of orangish crust now though looks kind of brown here but there were some real orange spots which points to fungus. At this point it seems it's likely a little fungis and a little mites which makes it hard to treat both at once and she gets some DE and some neem but the DE seems to get the best results.

The same area the older close up was in.

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Pua's Big Debut

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One of the banks had a pet photo day today for a fundraiser and I brought Pua. She was a big hit and really good but hard to get a pic of due to her wanting to explore. We tried her in the tree and she loved it and even had a nap there, lol, but she(photographer) wasn't happy with any of the pics(but I bet she'll keep copies of them all). So in the end we did a mom and baby portrait with her in my arms will be next month when I get the picture. The Yorkie that came after us was sure excited to see her. They asked about using her picture in their wrap up promo thing and said sure. Well that was before we settled on me being in the picture but that's okay.

I was surprised she was so easy to get back out of the tree and really handled great. As a reward I let her sniff around some more before we left but didn't stay to long since she was upsetting the yorkie who was now trying to get his photo taken. Oh it was funny the lady asked if Pua was in heat thinking that's why her dog was so excited(no).

Pua is doing good now. Her ear is looking a lot better and her pox aren't so bad not big bumps but still marks there. Oddly enough leaving her home the day of the trip seemed to be the turning point for her. I left a bowl of food in her cage for her and she had eaten most of it by the time we got back then ate a bunch more when we got back then again before bed. She ate like three days worth of food for what she had been eating. She had a nice big round belly then. She's been eating good since and her belly is still nice and filled out though not the little mellon belly she had before.

Pua back at the shop after photo taking.
I didn't want to disturb her getting up and down so she's in the nice chair while I sit in the little plastic chair :)

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