Like an anteater in a pet shop

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The anteater rampage.
She spent most of yesterday active then most of today sleeping. Took her for a walk outside. She always heads for across the street now. I got her over by the chinese place and she found some ants there again but still wanted to cross the street. Kept taking her to the back of my little alley and letting her walk back out near the street. Finaly took her way back and she walked around but then still wanted to go across the street. Though the other day we did walk down the sidewalk a ways. Finaly took her across the street since traffic wasn't bad and she got to sniff all around the hill and pooped over there too.
None of that satisified her though after we came in she still wanted out.
Trying to pry the door open.
Peering out the window.
On her way down. Tamanduas are not very gracefull.
Giving her scritches on the chest. That's cobwebs on her nose from exploring. Oh and for a bit I was walking around and she was coming when called instead of just mugging the door.
To give her a different perspective I put her up there but she found her way down to quick for me to get the camera so I did it again.
Coming down

Going up and knocking things down
Pua doing nothing. Tried to get a video of her galloping but she didn't do it that time so waited thinking she'd climb the door but she didn't do that either till I stopped filming.

Pua on the door.

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