A cold day

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My computer took a tumble and hit it's head as result it will be sent to a kind computer doc to replace the screen. This is what happens when you drop a laptop onto cement and the screen cracks. I suppose it's not to bad but will only get worse. So will be gone awhile. though there is a desk top at the house if anything exciting happens.

I weighed Pua in this box and she seemed happy in it so left her in it awhile but Jupiter loves soft blankies so hopped in ontop. I took the pick then took him out and gave him pets so he wouldn't disturb Pua.

Day light saving's did not agree with Pua. She did eat a bit realizing we weren't going home when we should and talked her into peeing in the bathroom on a pad but it was cold and she didn't know what to do with herself here so borrowed a coat and she explored a bit.

She was sniffing along the base board maybe hoping for ants.

Pua was much ahppier once we got home.

A good meal and she was ready for a fight.

but always time out for a tail scritch

Feeling sleepy

Sitting on the window sill ready to rumble again.

We also had a good battle in the closet and she is lick happy tonight licking my belly a bunch and going for my toes too.

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