June 2014

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YAY, only a year behind now.

June 1, 2014 ·
I got the closet nest today and Aurora is under the bed again.

Aurora just woke up and came to join me in the closet. Beaker saw her and tried to run up to say hi(stick his nose under her tail). She moved a bit faster to avoid him.

Aurora is in the washer. She kept going under the bed and back and forth but settled there. It's freshly hosed out and with a clean jungle blanket. I chose the closet nest instead. PS Aurora gets really mad when her soup is to watery. She kept clawing the wall to show her displeasure.

 June 2, 2014 .
Look how pretty Aurora's fur is now! Thanks to taurine supplementation.

 Did you bring me a treat?
Did you bring me a treat?

 It's my log time
It's my log time

A little doggy told me mom already bought me some birthday presents. I'm gonna be 9yrs on July 1st. That's THE BIG ONE. I'm gonna officially be over the hill. I need lots of presents to help me not feel old.

When anteaters dream of ants(look close for the drool!)
Dreaming of ants

Aurora got up early. She saw the lights off and that was her signal. She's had a snack and is now eating some breakfast.

I got the closet to myself and Aurora has the washer. It was a pretty quiet night with playing and log clawing and didn't bug mo for treats much but I did get my claw stuck in a towel and drag it across the desk and mom woke and saved me. It was a bit unnerving though.

June 7, 2014 
We're both in the washer today

I got up and found a nice cushy blanket in the closet. I burrowed down deep into that. So nice.

Got up and drank a bunch of vinegar. Having a groom now as I slowly make my way to the closet. Aurora can have the washer.
Nope heading back to the washer to get some more vinegar. I may dip my claws and bath a bit too.
Getting a bit stuffy and gassy in the washer with Aurora so I'm off to the closet.

I started out in the washer with Aurora today. I got up and got some chilled ants for a snack and went back to bed, but moved to the closet later. I got up a bit ago and asked for another treat. I got some chia seeds.

*thunk, thunk thunk* oh it seems someone is sleeping under the bed today, and had an itch.

Mom say's Aurora is going to have to try switching to sour cream again instead of buttermilk. I've been stealing and my blood sugar is creeping back up. But I don't like sour cream.

Oh according to some quick research Greek yogurt is really low in sugar. Might give that a shot.

We are snuggled together in the closet nest.
PS: Mom, that was not the jungle blanket that you put in the washer.

Neither of us even went in the washer out of protest that blanket is not even mussed.

Snuggled in the closet nest
Snuggled in the closet nest


OMG a the human is peeping again, run!
OMG a the human is peeping again, run!

Mom strained Aurora's homemade butter milk to see if she could turn it into Greek yogurt but she turned it into sour cream by letting it strain all day to where all the whey was gone but the whey has the sugar so that was her plan. I'm sure straining actual yogurt would have been more yogurty. So she added that to the store bought and we have a butter tub of sour cream to use for now.

Mom thinks she may have discovered a better solution though. The soft goat cheese mom sometimes buys herself for a treat is nice and sour. Well, it also has almost no sugar left in it as is true for a lot of cheeses it seems. It has less than 1% while regular yogurt has around 7% sugar, and sour cream is about 3% sugar but soft goat cheese is 0.89% sugar and semi soft is 0.12%. Mom was going to buy a log to try on us but of course the store was out.

Anyway if it works mom doesn't know where to find cheap goats milk BUT she does know where to get the goat cheese culture and it is easy to brew the stuff at home. So for now she can do it with cows milk which will still make a nice soft sour cheese with hardly any sugar left in it. Though if we can find cheap goats milk that might be good because my blood sugar spikes less with sugars other than lactose.

(for clarity's sake we are talking about lactose and in the case of goats milk other natural sugars in the milk which the fermenting process destroys to varying degrees depending on the product).

Aurora was actually quite pleased with her sour cream.

I got the closet again today but Aurora took to the washer because the jungle blanket is back.

Hyzzie enjoying her cooling jacket

Top view of cooling jacket
Top view of cooling jacket

Okay I understand when Beaker grabs a dropped cheese or yogurt cup but he just took a cup that had ants left over in it and licking it and chewing the ants when he gets one loose from being stuck to the side from our old spit. I guess he wants to be an anteater.

Beaker sitting like a weirdo
Beaker sitting like a weirdo
He likes to sit on his butt instead of with his feet under him like a normal dog. He does this on the floor too and not just in blanket piles.

I got the closet nest. Aurora has the washer. I spilled ants on mom in bed. Had lots of fun with the log last night.

I have the closet again but Aurora is under the bed. I had some good snuggle time last night with mom.

Aurora: *thunk Boom* oops forgot I was under the bed, low ceiling. Off to play with Pua in the closet.

I got the closet again Aurora has the washer. I bugged mom a little extra for treats and had a nice long vinegar bath.

Cow "Chevre" made and Aurora gave her seal of approval. It's semi solid so mom took a bit and added a touch of water and tried her with it and she liked it.

I woke mom a lot last night. At one point mom said no I wont get up again you just had a treat. I went and woke Aurora out of the washer and got her pacing so mom got her some fresh soup.
Aurora didn't really want soup though so after some more pacing she settled under the bed. So the secret is out. She sleeps under the bed to get away from me.

I got the washer with a nice poofy comfy blanket.

We're both up. running around, clawing at things and doing stuff.

Aurora has the washer again so I'm in the closet nest.

I have the washer with a nice fresh jungle blanket. Aurora is under the bed.

I got the closet and Aurora in snuggled down in the jungle blanket in the washer. We clawed at log sand ran around a lot last night.

I am sharing the washer with Aurora today. I'm not a 100% sure she got up last night. She was snug down in the jungle blanket when ever mom peaked and was that way this morning but she's on top with me now. There was some evidence she might have gotten up.(mom was pretty out of it last night and I'm not telling).

We were both up and running around playing last night. We got the washer together. I'm up for a morning snack. Aurora has per period but it tapering off now.

I snuck off to the closet when mom wasn't looking. It's so comfy and near the AC.

Today's cooling jacket comment "I like your dog, she's wearing a cape"
Super Hyzzie: super powers include keeping her cool when the heat is on, being snarky and sock protection.

Oh what a nightmare! What a scary scary nightmare! Mom heard my upset screamy hisses and came to me in the closet figuring just a bad dream. She was shocked to see I was leaning back against the wall with my eyes open heaving my screamy hisses. I didn't react to her. She started messing with me a bit to see what was wrong and after a bit of that I woke up very confused.
Once I realized I was in a safe place with mom I held her tight and sniffed her breath sticking my nose tight to hers. When she tried to change positions I hugged her supper tight so as not to let her leave me. She had to wait till I finally drifted back off to sleep and slowly slip her hand away. She kind of failed to QUIETLY slip away down off the shelves. So I sniffed down in her direction at the noise but have gone back to sleep.
I started in the washer with Aurora but after my morning snack of chia seeds I went to the closet.

We both are snug in the washer today.

Somehow our ants got lost on their way here from China. I guess we shouldn't be surprised. That's a long way for ants to march. A new army of ants has just been sent. That's good cuz we're almost out of what mom managed to salvage from Aurora's raid.
PS I got the closet and Aurora messed around under the bed but is settled down in the washer under the blanket. We played last night and I took a small vinegar bath out of my vinegar drinking bowl.

I got the closet and Aurora the washer again. We played last night and I had a nice thorough vinegar bath since mom poured some out on the washer for me.

Up, had a snack and then a nap in the hammock. Got snuggle time with mom and a pedicure. Aurora got up and paced till the lights went out, she had some soup then while I ate some ground beef as a treat. Then we played wildly in the closet, now a bit more soup.
We are sharing the washer today.

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