Humiliating an anteater

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The tittle is in jest because lots of people think it's wrong to dress up animals because it hummilates them. Even Jay Leno complains about dogs being dressed up. Well Quasi gets cold and he happens to love his clothes and will pick which shirt he wants and fight you taking them off.

Well Pua was shivering last night so I tried a sweatshirt. This one didn't fit right and she was still shivering so in the first pic she does still look misserable.

But then I put this sweater on her and she was happy. She did squirm a little putting it on but didn't mind it any more than her harness once on. The pink carrier I just got and was going to resell but think I'll keep it for Jupiter.

Getting chin scritches. She was much warmer with this one on. Only thing is it's one of Quasi's favorites so he gave me dirty looks for awhile. It was a little to long and she got her back feet into it so had to roll it up but otherwise it worked good on her.

Once she was feeling warmer she wanted to go outside but it would have been even colder out there.

"Maybe I can dig my way out"
"I know what to do"

pretty but frowning in concentration as she climbs

"I'm going to figure this door out"

I thought she would be fine once we settled in but after awhile she was sitting there eating and stopped and folded up her arms like in her scared pic looking misserable so got this sweater knowing it's nice and short. She didn't even struggle when I put it on. She's very smart and remembered putting something on made her warmer before. She then uncurled and went back to eating.
I took it off once I was ready to go to sleep and she pretty much just stayed under the covers with me but kept me awake more than normal squirming since she thought it was to chilly to run around in my room.

Took Q&H in the woods today before it started raining harder but didn't take any pics of them.
Here's one of a chipmunk eating a black berry.

Another chipmunk kept running back and forth along this log. It's vissible looking at us but cropped close it looks like the poor thing has one huge eye so it's more of a pretty scenery pic.

A peice of honeycomb from a fallen wasp nest.

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