A corpse update - graphic text warning

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So I was checking him the other day and saw toe bones starting to show on his feet and decided to flip him over and see what progress was being made since top side he looked deflated but not a lot going on otherwise. There were big fat maggots, yay. Oh and one centipede which quickly burrowed back in, which somehow was creepier than seeing the maggots. I didn't know they went for corpses.

So I decided to leave him that side up to give the other side a shot at it and covered the top side in just a thin layer of "mulch" to keep it from drying out and killing the bugs. So there is progress with bugs even. It looks like the tail will be a problem though.

Oh I put "mulch" as it's the left over stuff from when my dad tore out the lawn trying to replant last year so kind of a dirt grass mix partly composted already but he's not actually buried by it. I just wanted to help keep moisture in.

And if you are feeling lost

Bellow has a bit more at the end of the whys and such, if you're feeling freaked out

Besides by sharing online I have a detailed journal and "witnesses" as to the fact I have a rotting anteater corpse in a tinny cage in the back yard for a specific suppose and not something sinister as it could sound bad in any other context.

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