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Haven't been keeping up with writing out the Pua stories but I have all the recent pics here.

This was one day off last week I woke Pua during the day and she didn't really want out. She climbed in the closet knocked down these clothes then curled up in them.

A little hand squeezing. Oh here's a cute thing sometimes Pua will take my arm in her paws and knead it, Pua's a massuse, but a little more up by the shoulders would be great, lol. So took her cue and rub her arms now like she does mine.

She's a curiouse little thing and went in the open drier.

She didn't soil that towel it was old paint stained. Well actualy she did soil it she peed on it shortly after this pic, oops.

Was trying to get some pics of Pua's whiskers. It looks like her snout is covered in bits of lint but she's got these tinny currly whiskers all over. Warning if you click these pics are big to shoe the hair close.

The full head shot and normal sized.

One of my termite collectors.
I have 6 of these and just burried 4 in the woods today. Took Pua out in the woods yesterday dispite everything else, cuz couldn't do anything and wanted her to not be up all night if I could. I don't mind but my dad complained one time about her tapping her claws on my door at night wanting out. She wasn't as thrilled but once she warmed up she had fun, maybe it was been there done that. Was by myself so let her off the path a bit and she clawed into one old downed tree then later she found a old stump about 5ft across and hollow middle. She dug down into there tore some old wood open then after checking with me a few times tried to curle up and nap there. Well she had stired the soil and old soft wood into a nice deep nest. Pulled her out and she didn't want to go back though obviously tired so put her in her carrier and toted her back. She curled up and slept in there.

So took my collectors out there and put one by the stupm and a couple by the other tree area and one at the base of a fallen tree by the trail just cuz it looked a possablity and I was tired by then. After went down to the river and washed my ands and waded a bit. Scared up a garter snake when in the woods ans saw some little baby fish in the river. I did get my cell wet and thought I killed it but the batery had just died *whew*

Last evening I went ahead and let Pua out and she kept running to the back corner of the yard. So it was Pua fetch. I kept toting her back to the other corner and she kept runing right back to the dark corner. I used her stubornus against her and she got some good exersise and slept all night. Yeah. So might let her again tonight. I let her till her nose got cold from the grass and she started pwing at it. Winter is going to be tuffer.

These are from sunday I think sent them to one list. Quasi found this sunspot that morning and has been there every morning since.

Hyzzie joined him that day but is not as devoted to the sun as him.

Last nigt I think. Pua founf her way up onto the curtain rod.

Apparently wondering how to get back down.

or going up might due

Grr nothing up there
Pua is a very messy eater. I put her dish in there so she wouldn't spill it cuz she likes them deeper than the dog dishes. Will need to get her on of those metal elevated holder dish things. Anyway she has a bad habbit too of stiring her food with her claws and splashing it all around if it's not just right.

These were this afternoon. I ran her in the yard again till she peed then let her come back in and she ate and then went to her hammock on her own.

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