After bath

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after bath preening

up the cage

she always goes up the cage to preen after a bath

combing out the water

to the couch

family portrait

Oddly enough this bed was made just before bath time

self portrait

And the cycle continues
Getting all dirty again

What's that you say?

I'm the cutest anteater in the world? I knew that already, thank you. (darn all thos nose smudges)

Take your best shot

feeling frisky after her bath
(in the comments on the photo page someone noted how she is "letting it all hang out" naughty girl :P

play fighting

after bath friskiness

doing a sit up

really that's all this was

Last night was playing with Pua and there was a full sized tennis ball under the table. Kat's ball. We started playing catch. I gave it to her and she clawed it over then tossed it. I tossed it back and she caught it, clawed it over and tossed it at me and we did it a few times before she got bored.

I was on the phone with the photographer and Pua got up and went to the the other room. She played with my dad some and then started circling around and then squated in the corner behind Kat's bed. So my dad pics her up and carries her across the room with the flood gates still open. A trail of pee over Kat, poor Kat, the couch the rug and the kitchen floor as he tried to get her to my room, lol. At least he was animal person enough to laugh about it later.

We were playing and scritched Pua behind the ear and she kicked her foot just infront of her ear. I stopped and she stopped. Did it again she kicked her foot again. Then I really found the spot on the back of her head and her foot was kicking like crazy, lol. Then when she had enough she just batted me away and we went on playing.
Then she kept givig me weird looks because my tummy was making noises. I told her her tummy makes noises too. She claimed it doesn't. I told her it does and I've heard it before. She still dennied it so gave in. Princess Pua's belly does not make strange noises.