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Why do I say this now, after all this time? Because Pua now agrees this is home. There has really been a major change in her the last couple days. I'll explain some of the more obviouse things. Tamandua's must have a strong homing instinct. She would in the past always head south everytime she got outside. Going towalk all the way to guyana. But not any more. In fact she homes right in on my door where ever I Drop her outside, unless she wants to explore then she heads to the door(home) after she's done. Yep, that's the big one but she's also done alot to start getting along and fitting in more.

Before she liked then loved me and found this a decent place to live but she wanted to head off to home though I was welcome to come with her. Now this is home and we're her family and she kind of likes living in a "tribe".

"I love you Mom"
Monday morning she only woke me at 4, 6, 8, & 9AM. for feeding. She also ate a ton.

Tried To get a yawning pick, tongue full out but missed and only got the tip as it went back in.

She stood-up to Hyzzie rather than just take her guff. Litteraly stood up hiss a bit and show her claws but not supper seriouse just like "Hey quit it"

Last night she ate great then slept all the way through the night.

Last night she fond her way to Q&H's pee pad twice all on her own.

But she only peed a bit each time so took her out knowing she needed to poop. She ran all around, really running but didn't slow to poop so brought her back in. After awhile she found her way to Jupiter's litter box and tried a few posstions in it but found it to small so hopped up on a corner foot on each side tail across the box then tucked head down in the corner and pooped there. This worked great no tail drug through the poop.

There's just so much.. She is now content to climb back into her open cage on her own to wait if I've gone to do something and has done so several times.

Tonight she got got fresh chicken brothe mixed in her food and had a good wrestle before she fell asleep hugging me from wresatling then later woke and went under the covers.

And just for fun this is what's left of Jupiter's basket after a week.

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Woodland Walk With Q&H

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First picking up where we left off a hot lazy summer_day But_the_woods_aren't_quite_so_hot




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Walk in the Yard

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Pua's recent walk in the yard. She ate early monday and the night before only woe me every two hours. But she slept most of the day so woke her and too her out.
sheShe took a bit to warm up then had some fun. I showed her some ants on the compost pile but wasn't interested, wants the nest.

Now, this looks like fun.

A woodpile behind the house

Quasi followed along and checked out the old shed

Stopped for a scratch

Doing the doggie handshake

"I've had enough of this"
Pua knows where the door is and heads for it when done

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