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It was to long to twit or put on my fan fan page wall (

Mom had a dream last night that she woke and the door was ajar so she looked and saw I hadn't left but then a baby tamandua came in the room. She picked him up and showed him to me and we just said hi and sniffed and didn't growl or hiss. So she took him to show the rest of the family and she said "Guess what I found" and they said a kitten. So mom looked down and she was holding a kitten.

So mom was dreaming she went insane, ha ha. So she took him back to her room confused why I was friendly with a kitten and set him down next to me and the kitten and I played together and then snuggled together. Just thought I'd tattle on mom since it was about me.

Otherwise I've been settled recently but did dig in the dog food. I tried digging in the bunny food but knocked mom's nightlight down, oops. She hung it up so i shouldn't be able to do that again.

They've been catching me ants daily with honey in the kitchen. Their bellies full of honey makes them sweet. I've been getting the occasional caterpillar too when mom finds them pulling weeds for the bunny.

Oh and grampa recorded a special on Tamanduas last night where they filmed one eating fruit. First proof we don't just eat fruit in captivity but it's a natural behavior. I coulda just told them that if they had asked me ~ Pua

Oh wait as long as we are here, here's photo's of me taken last night.

Looking up to me

Looking up at Pua

Looking up at Pua

And mom's desk mood light. Like her night light but bigger. The one I broke was little. It was one crack and the glass didn't come out so I wasn't at risk, just in case you were concerned. These are pretty durable.
My desk mood lamp
Made from a candle holder and old chandelier parts. She has two of these kind.

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