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I want more ants now
I want more ants now 
Before Pua's walk in the park
Before Pua's walk in the park 
Running along nicely
Running along nicely
Going a bit slower
Going a bit slower 
A hallow tree
A hallow tree
And now is when things start looking very wrong
By a boulder
By a boulder
Going to poop
Going to poop 
This is very wrong

April 7 ·
I had been up and down all day yesterday and I was starting that a bit today too so mom decided to take me for a walk since it had finally turned nice. That sounded fine to me once I realized we were going for a walk and not to the vet and I calmed right down once she stepped outside with my carry bag.

Mom set my bag down at the trail entrance but I decided to veer off into the park. We almost never do this but the park was empty. I had fun for a few minutes then things started getting bad and amazingly fast. So from mom's point of view.

"At first I just noticed she wasn't moving quite right. Then she was moving very jerky and off balance. We had just been there a few minutes. We turned to head back to the car. In no time at all she was stumbling and lethargic. She would stumble along then sort of lay her head a bit in an odd way then stumble along some more. She was moving along with her nose dragging down like strait down. She fought me going in the bag but at that point things were obviously very wrong. I let her out of her bag once in the car. She seemed okay in there but once she got home and I let her out I saw she was worse."

"She did the jerky looking stumbly walk to the house but she fought me when I tried picking her up. She tried to lift her paw to go up the step and was slow and off balance and kept missing the step by a wide margin. I carried her in and set her on her washer. She headed for her water but couldn't actually find the target of the bowl of water she wanted, like with the step earlier."

"I tried opening the washer for her but she would look in then recoil away, I think she was dizzy. She tried to go across to the dresser to head for the closet and fell. She got back up but would go unsteadily a short ways and lay down before trying again. I raced off and got the crate and off to the vet we went. I called them and explained what was going on and said I thought maybe they sprayed the grass at the park with something."

"On the long drive to the vet she began vomiting. A lot of vomiting. I opened up the crate and held her hands and told her she was going to be okay. She felt fairly cold. After plenty of vomiting she stopped and she began to perk up a bit and relax some the last few miles to the vet."

"By the time we saw the vet and let her out of the crate she seemed pretty much normal, walking a bit squat but might have been from fear and uncertainty. She was warm to the touch again. The vet did her best to see if her vision was tracking normally and it seemed it was. By the time we tried to get some blood from her to test if there was a blood sugar issue she was acting normal. She could move the sort of precarious step from the exam table to the chair no problem at all. She was walking perfectly fine again."

"The try at getting blood failed as her usual vet was in sugary but advising by relay to the vet who did see us. Pua wasn't exactly in the mood to cooperate with an amateur's first time trying to find their hard to find vein. So with really nothing left to do for her we set up to go with a anti-nausea shot to be used just in case she needs it but she's fine."

"We hosed the crate out as she had rolled all around in her vomit. Pua vomit is sticky. The exam room floor was like a icky movie theater floor by the end. We borrowed a towel for in the crate and were on our way home"

"I let her out of the crate on the ride home and she spent her time checking all the windows then settled by my feet but insisted on hugging my hand close and so for a large portion of the ride home I was in the crashing airplane position so that she could hug me. We got home and she wanted me to carry her in but once we got to the door she wanted down."

"She went right to the washer and climbed up and went across and climbed just fine to the closet. She's had water to drink and is snuggled in with Aurora"

"Best guess was the first guess possible pesticide or herbicide poisoning. but we will certainly keep an eye on her and she will never walk in the park again, only on the hiking trails out in the woods."

April 8 ·12:04AM
Aw, Aurora is so nice to me. She let me have the best spot in the closet tonight. She never lets me have that spot ~ Pua

 April 8 ·12:49AM
I got up and drank some water. I came out after onto the shelf to look at mom and she got me some ants. I ate like I was starving(I did lose last night's dinner after all). I made some happy cooing noises it was so good. I'm back with Aurora but she has taken the good spot back and wont relinquish it.

April 8 ·10:38AM
I took it easy last night and spent a lot of time just sitting by the window. I woke mom for a couple treats and a snuggle and ate a lot of food and moving around fine.

April 8 ·10:42AM
And I just got up for a treat of ants Then back in the washer after a bit of debate on what best to do.

April 8 ·10:53AM
Washer is just not doing it for me today. I'm off to the closet.

April 8 ·12:07PM
So hard to sleep sometimes. I came down from the closet to sniff the window awhile then went in the washer. was just up again for a drink and snack before rejoining Aurora in the washer.

April 8 ·1:30PM
Up for a bit more water. The neighborhood is noisy today. Oh I see you mom, ants please. Okay back in the washer.

April 8 ·2:14PM
I had a drink and was going to go to the closet but I heard a monster outside(A grass chewing monster) so i;m frozen in place.

April 8 ·2:16PM
It stopped but creepy noises in the kitchen now.... Okay back in the washer.

April 8 ·2:40PM
Going to the closet now. So much noise outside though. I think we need more rain.

April 8 ·
My old girl doggy Hyzzie has a lot of trouble with the heat and it's not getting easier with age so I bought a cooling vest for her. After lots of research settled on the chillybuddy. I tried it on her today. She flipped over belly up legs to the sky head thrown back and refused to move till I took it off. I knew I might need to explain to passers by why she had a jacket on in the heat but didn't think it would be so hard to explain it to the dog. ~ Pua's mommy

April 8 ·
"Really lady? You will pay for disturbing my sleep. I'm going to get Pua to pinch you when you are sleeping tonight." Aurora.
She seems to be enjoying having the washer to herself ~ Pua's mommy(Aurora's servant).

April 9 ·11:08AM
It's cooler today so the neighborhood is quiet. I am sharing the nice warm washer with Aurora. I pestered mom for treats and snuggles a LOT last night.

April 9 ·
Was just looking out the window, thinking about stuff.

April 10 ·12:52am
This rotten log seems nice and fresh. I will forgive you for not letting me out for the walk I wanted(at almost 1am).

April 10 ·10:39AM
Fresh blanket in the closet. I'm snuggled down in it, Aurora's on top.

April 11 ·11:16AM
It's been a nice quiet, sleepy day. Just got up and had my wake up snack and am back snoozing with Aurora now.

April 12 ·2:13PM
Sleeping in the washer with Aurora today. I got up once and went to the closet and came right back. I may or may not have gone to pee. I don't mind wetting the bed long as it's not the one I'm sleeping in.

April 13 ·1:20AM
Oh I woke mom last night with bells. I think maybe that cancels out the claw hole in the vinegar bottle and keeps me in the clear.

Tonight just been up and had my treat so far.

April 13 ·1:26PM
I took it easy last night. Aurora even had to resort to waking mom for a morning snack herself.

April 13 ·1:28PM

Hyzzie dog got a second try at her cooling vest. Mom waited till on the way home to put it on and get her and the vest nice and wet. She moved along more quickly and didn't pant as hard. When we got hom and mom took the vest off it was nice and cool like it had come from the fridge and Hyzzie's fur was not hot to the touch like it gets int he sun.

I'm sure it will take her some time to associate the jacket with cooling instead of warming but at least she's had one positive experience with it now.

The view is beautiful.

Just window sniffing

Just window sniffing

April 14 ·
I took it easy last night too. Sometimes a girl just has to relax. I had my avocado, some of Aurora's soup and sniffed out the window and that's about all.

April 14 ·3:22PM
Cooing and grunting softly in my sleep.

April 15 ·
It's a bit embarrassing to say but I fell into a saucer of canned food last night. I got it all over my back. Mom thought it might be a treat for the dogs but they didn't want it. I guess it was softer than the floor alone.

April 15 ·5:35PM
Mid sleep snack attack. I got ants.

I got the closet nest today and Aurora has the washer.

April 16 ·12:51AM
Spent some time hugging mom in the closet nest. She should sleep there with me all the time.

April 16 ·6:05PM
Snack attack. So mom changed my blanket while I was up. So I said if you're going to do that you can tuck me in, please. So now I'm snuggled down inside the blanket with some ants in my tummy. Sweet!

Aurora's in the washer again.

Just... About... To... Yawn...

Aurora: Pua wasn't doing her job so I had to wake my servant myself by knocking rattly containers down at 5 am. I needed my soup freshened.

April 19 ·11:52AM
I had the washer this morning but then I heard the fridge and mom offering Aurora a treat so I came on over to the closet too. Then we jostled for position and Aurora decided to leave but she kept getting spooked and coming back to the closet. After some pacing around she's settled back in the closet nest with me. The final straw was Beaker whining at her that he wanted to be friends. That was just too scary.

Aurora is limber and a big girl

Aurora is limber

Aurora is limber

Aurora's glowing eyes

Aurora's glowing eyes

Was taking photos in a the dark

Under Aurora

Under Aurora

She's getting more fur again. She's got her period but here age mole, er beauty mark, is there to the side.

{It's about time for the bi-annual repainting of the closet)

I started in the washer with Aurora but then I heard mom cleaning up so I came out for a snack then went to the closet to ask for another snack. Now I got the closet nest to myself.

April 23 ·11:52AM
mom put in a fresh blanket in the washer even though Aurora has stopped wetting her bed lately for some reason. mom still thought a fresh blanket would be nice. Well, Aurora was like, that's not my lovely jungle blanket so is in the closet nest with me today.
I got up for a morning snack and Aurora decided to pace till I came back. Mom did offer her a snack too.

April 23 ·7:22PM
Aurora just got up and had a snack of yogurt. Seems she doesn't mind it warm. It's been sitting there since her making a scene this morning.

April 24 ·12:03AM
Aurora was sitting in the closet nest and started to yawn and her tongue hit the wall and she stopped and pulled her tongue back in then yawned again and her tongue hit the wall again sticking to it for second like a wet spaghetti noodle before it came back in.



At some point(before or after the photo) she yawned and her tongue stuck against the wall like wet spaghetti before she pulled it back in.

April 24 ·2:19PM
Our internet was down so I couldn't update you how I'm in the closet again but Aurora is back in the washer now that she has her jungle blanket back. She was peeking out this morning though so got a snack of buttermilk. I got a few ants myself.

April 25 ·11:24AM
Aurora peeked out of the washer and mom brought her a treat but she still came out after having that and paced around awhile before setting into the closet nest with me. Darn I had it good before too all stretched out.

Aurora broke on of the platforms off the cat tower last night. It fell onto mom's bed.
Oh and Aurora is psychic. Mom was in bed sleeping and woke with an image of Aurora's chiller bowl full of frosty soup. She looked up and saw Aurora on the shelf looking at her. Mom got her fresh soup.

We are all in the washer today. I did get up for a treat but went back in. Mom is happy. She can change the closet nest bedding now.

April 26 ·1:56PM
Up for a quick groom and some ants and a drink then back in the washer.

Enjoying the washer today. And the jungle blanket. Gotta have that jungle blanket.

Close up of Aurora

Pua, looking for treats

Pua, looking for treats

Just standing here listening to the rain and reminiscing. Care to join me?
Mom woke up at 6 am and was suspicious why I hadn't woken her yet. So to make it up to her I woke her every hour after that till she got up for good.

Hyzzie dog enjoying her favorite meal.
Hyzzie got to use her cooling jacket on her last walk today. She got her first "Aren't you warm in your coat" comment. Mom: "well, that's a cooling jacket" "oh, well that's different"
Hyzzie was a bit reluctant at first since it's been awhile but then she felt the cooling and was liking it and bouncing along.

I'm in the closet nest though I started out curled on the dinning shelf moping and hugging my own tail. Most of the blanket was knocked down and what was left was wet. So mom changed it but I kept moping so she gave me ants. Yum. I then went to enjoy the nice fresh blanket.

Whoo, getting a bit stuffy in the washer with Aurora. Out for a groom and to check things out. Okay I'm heading for my princess hammock, but some more grooming on the tower first. Time to turn the AC on mom.

OH yummy lawn grubs fresh chilled from the fridge. That helps. Could you dig up the rest of the lawn and get the rest while I nap in my hammock?

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