It's like having a puppy

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Now that Jupiter has settled in. He has peed and pooped on my bed and in Q&H's playpen/bed thing. He messed his own whcker bed, everyone knows about that, he sliced through my mic cable below. One bite and right through. Gotta keep electricle cables well out of his reach

He was flippiung up the pee pads and chewing them so put a board over them for now on that side. He also chewed some teeth off of my sleeping bag.
Then he started chewing up his towle in his bed.
bye-bye towel, hello newspaper. Guess it's time to break down and get this boy some hay.
Newspapers not to bad, at least he seemed to like it and made a nest
Hyzzie saw Jupiter chewing on the new's paper and assumed it was food so was asking for some.

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