Pua's Spring Adventure

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My adventure was so exciting I'll tell you about it myself. Cinco's not the only one who can have an adventure. I've been getting a bit stir crazy. It even snowed yesterday morning so it was a pleasant surprise when I got to go for a hike today.

We decided to try the Pua Trail. We've named it that ourselves because it's my favorite but it becomes impassable in winter. Boy winter was not nice to my old friend. The river had jumped it's banks and washed parts away and rearranged others. The trail head was washed out and was a little cliff instead down to the trail but Grandma managed it so we got to go.

Off on my grand adventure

Off on my grand adventure

It was so nice I found ants.
I found ants

Since we were not sure of the weather I started off in a sweater but let mom know I wanted it off by scratching at it.
I don't need this sweater

We passed a couple people sitting on logs on the way down the trail who let us know there might be others and a dog. So I got startled once when I heard a dog barking from a car on the highway but it wasn't after me.

I might find more ants
I might find more ants

Exploring the logs was fun. They are a better trail than the people trails.
Had a lot of fun exploring

I went into the hallow under the fallen tree briefly but I had better things to do than sit around in a dank hole today.

This was growing on the rim of the hole
A morrel

We came across a big tree blocking the path. Mom tried to go around the wrong way and everything was boggy and wild looking. I showed her to go around on the river side where the roots were. I knew the right way to go because it was my tree.

Goodbye old hallow tree
Goodbye hallow tree
It was my favorite old hallow tree but it fell inland instead of into the river as expected.

I couldn't go inside any more but I did check out under the roots
Exploring under the old hallow tree
Mom wont let go of my tail. She imagines a labyrinth of animal tunnels under the forest and my disappearing. I like to imagine that too. A tunnel adventure would be fun.

Some nice fisherman from across the rive asked what I was and mom answered him and she noticed him say something to his friend about he knew I wasn't a dog the way I came bouncing down the trail.

Shortly though we came to another tree down across what was left of the trail and we had to turn around. I wasn't happy about that but Grandma wouldn't have been able to get over it. I was hoping to go to my swimming spot. I rarely swim but that spot is the best since the water gets warmed on the rocks in the shallows.

So I kept trying to go down to the river but most of it is too steep along there. Mom realized this one spot was my little sunning rock spot by the river after a moment of my insisting but she had to move a branch for me to get down there.

I usually just get on the rock and test the water with my nose, deem it too cold and sit for a bit before moving on but I thought it felt nice and wanted to try going in.
I want to go for a swim

So I went in the river but mom kept the leash short so I couldn't go out far. I really wanted to swim but she was scared the water was too swift. She did come down after the video stopped and let me go in a bit up stream of her and I swam out and drifted past her and she pulled me to shore but kept me within reach just in case of trouble. I could have swam more under the bridge but that last dip satisfied me. That water was cold but invigorating.

After I swam I got back on the trail and tried climbing up mom's leg. Mom thought I was confused but I wanted to dry myself off on her nice absorbent clothes.

Then we finally ran into those people we were warned about but I didn't see a dog. I stopped right in front of one of them and just squat down and mostly closed my eyes. I thought I'd let them bask in my glory as I basked in the sun for a bit. Hey I was being nice normally I want to just keep running past.

Mom wasn't sure what to make of this. She couldn't encourage me to move so offered me my bag. After a bit I stuck my head in but was half asleep and not sure what to do. She helped boost me in and she carried me past everyone. Towards the end of them we saw the dog with a lady holding him in the bushes so he'd not bother me. I hung half out of the bag then hugging mom peaking around. Once I knew it was safe I jumped out and kept going on my own.

Exploring after a swim
Exploring after a swim

Pua tamandua looking for ants

Digging a mossy log

Here's an article about tamandua's swimming the Panama Canal http://agoutienterprise.wordpress.com/2010/11/26/you-never-know-who-youll-meet-in-the-panama-canal/
There have been many photos of tamandua swimming. It floods a lot in many parts of South America so swimming is a good skill to have. We swim well by propelling ourselves with our tails.

Ready to be home
Are we home yet?

Here's a few bonus photos of me from the other night

I tried out the kitty condo but it's to small to get comfy in
It's a little too small

A little difficult to get out of too
A little difficult to get out of too

Posing for a photo
Pua poses

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