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These are from last night and today but since it will be midnight soon you could alter that a day by when you'd be reading it.

Pua coming off the make shift bunny pen. The netting is supposed to keep Jupiter in but he can unsnap it sometimes.

Baby milk and spinich, yum. Frozen spinach has about a mg of vitamine K per cup the highest amount I've found yet plus it has potasium which they also should have. Can see it starting to help.
She would take a little nap then wake up and go on his cage then I'd lure her back with the baby formula which is what she was really looking for.
In her cage at work. If you look zoomed you'll see I added what they called deer fencing for now and is working great.

Put the harness on her before then she fell alseep on my lap in the towel so put her up still in it till she woke.

It looks good in the pic but didn't think the figure-8 worked to well. Looked like it might slip off. This is a bunny harness bellow. It looks like it didn't fit as well but was actualy a lot beter since could adjust neck and chest seperatly.

Put back again without a harness for a short while.
She got out because I was impressed she could see better than I thought she could. Was about 20' away and she followed my movements back and forth and reacted when I lifted my arms.

Was trying to get a pic of her tongue out while grooming me but didn't happen.
Enjoying a belly rub.

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Pua the monkey-bear

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That fits a bit more.

Well it's been awhile since an update. Pua is very sweet. Sometimes when we hug each other I'll scratch her back and she'll wiggle her little claws on one hand and scratch my back in return. she's been sleeping in bed with me at night except one night I put her back because she was getting squirming and knew she was due to poop so put her back in her cage. She did poop but got it all over her self in her attempts to get out so got a bath that morning first thing. I didn't even wear gloves and she didn't claw me up but gave a couple pinches just to get her point across she didn't like it. No damge done though.

You can see the mites on her ear in one pic below. The red is all gone and it's a lot better now. I hadn't been paying as much attention to any of her skin blemishes as I should due to still worrying about her weight. She is eating well now but still not gaining. I don't think the first worming took so gave her the second dose and was sure she got it all this time since I mixed it with a bit of baby milk which she was going crazy over that night. I've been calling her my little waif and telling her to eat and get fat for me.

Other than her weight she's perfect. Was even working on the harness a bit and she's good with it on and okay with little tugs. She wants to be with me 24/7 though. I've worked around this at the shop by getting her to go to sleep in my lap wrapped in a towle or blanket then stick her back in her hammock. She's like a little bear and is close to hybernating once sleeping. She's starting to catch on to this too though.

Oh and she is doing great as far as potty training. not that I've done much training but she is finaly good about going in one place. I've been putting pee pads in the bottum of her cage where she goes. Well yesterday she had just curled up in my bed when Q&H decided they wanted a walk. Well I decided to be nice and let her be and just lock up my room. when we came back she was up and smelled pee. Well she had gone back into her cage and peed on her pad then came back out so that's great. Plus she understands the pad concept at least for pee. She had still used it after she had wadded it up one time after trying to get out. She will poop in the same spot but if wadded up missed the pad but she is still only doing that every 3-4 days so will naturaly take longer to get right.

"what is this thing that's taken my spot in the bed, anyway?"
She's actualy slept next to Pua in bed before but for the most part Q&H like to keep some distance still. Pua was sleeping on top of me last night. Guess she thought that was cumffy like ridding on mom's back.

Her cute tail

Fell asleep hugging me

and grooming me. You can see her belly button :)

The other pets were bugging me for attention too so tried taking pics. You can see Hyzzie was coperative.
And Jupiter too kept breaking out of his new cage. will probably get him a ferret cage later.

"hey pet my head"

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