There's a Tamandua in the window

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Pua kept going in the window so I opened it for a bit
She enjoyed sniffing at the smells the rain brought out but I think is missing her walks since it's been to cold to take her.

She stayed there awhile then moved to the glass side out of the draft so closed the window but then she slept in the window sill part of the night before getting a snack and returning to her place under the covers
Well it's very much not framed properly, lol, but a pick of Pua attacking the curtain

A failed attempt at enrichment. I put honey inside and a dab on the outside. she didn't try to rip it open or even lick much of the honey. She does better with the kong idea.

A three second video
Might work for those on dial up who don't normaly see them

Quasi watching me leave for work

I tried putting Pua in the guinea pig coral

She did explore a little but the pigs were hiding

She sniffed all around

Then wanted out but she didn't want to climb over the boxes

And she decided not to climb out here either

She didn't want to climb but wanted out so I wound up moving this box so she could walk out and she went to nap int he bathroom for a bit

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Guinea pigs and Jupiter

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They decided it was fun to push their house around

I went to clean their cage while they were out of it and found this in it

He likes shoving the shavings around
I smell them

So I let him met the bolder one but he was frozen stiff

See how it works is I groom you then you groom me, not I groom you and you just sit there

I thought he was cute percced on his bowl

Up close

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