Our nightly visitor

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I think he visits just to bug the heck out of Q&H. The other night Hyzzie woke me sounding like she was in a fight all snarles and growls. I yelled at her cuz was just Q&H and pua and in the room and we were all locked in but had the big door open but screan door shut with pet door sealed. well Q&H kept making noise and running to the door on and off and the light out side kept turning on and off. I just figured it was Kat but finaly went and looked. There right outside the door on the step was a huge racoon. He looked up at me but stayed a bit longer before taking off. Someone is probably feeding him and know he's stealing cat food and stuff from composte piles cuz he's fat. He had to be just enjoying rileing Q&H though cuz if he wanted in the kitchen pet door was open. This was him tonight when Hyzzie chased him out of the yard and over the fence into the neighbors tree. At least think so since she took off out the door then was barking at the fence when I got out there. she's smart enough not to corner or fight it but Quasi isn't we know that from an incident last year.

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A Day in the Yard

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First a couple pics from the shop.
A full view of her cage.
Where she really spends most of her time at the store. She's getting better a couple of her face bumps are gone and just pink skin there now.
Gave Pua a bath today then took her out for some sun.

Lots of intrest in the wood pile this time and looked like she might have found a thing or two to lick up but not much. She kept coming back to check on me too.

After she went along the fence line then she found something to dig a bit here but took a short nap. Sbhe went back on the wood pile after but fell asleep there so took her back inside.

Q&H just layed in the sun and watched us but later to be fare I took Jupiter out for a but too but he's not as keen on the outdoors.

Comon Jup' lets play!!
They ran around a bit then he said enough of that.
A little diggin'What Quasi did the whole time.

We also went blackberry picking today but Pua didn't come. I'd loose her into the black berry brambles. Q&H liked it though. Hyzzie likes when I toss a berry and she plays with it like she's pouncing a mouse. Quasi just lay in the sun the whole time but he does like a bit of sweet berry to eat.

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Anteaters don't cry, they weep

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Sure you can ignore that whining dog who just had dinner but is crying for a peice of your food but try ignoring a weeping anteater. When we first got Pua she was very upset and would give one long hiss followed by a bunch of short ones. She was threatening us but also crying.

The other day was very bussy at the shop got a shipment and then Pua woke and I showed her off to the driver before he left then she got fed and went to sleep in my lap. So I set her on the chair and went to change her cage to the new kennel wiring that was in the delivery. She woke before I was fully done but enough that I put her in the cage while I finished. She was okay following me around from the inside then I had to do a few things. Looked over and she's currled up on the bottum of her cage clinging to the bars. Got a pic but then when I got close she was crying. Big breath the "ss ss ss ss" If she could produce tears I'd be in even worse trouble. Not sure why she was so upset usualy she just runs around looking for a way out to get to me. the new caging must have confused her. Got her out and after a cuddle she was fine.

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Pua's days off

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Well I take Mondays and tuesdays off so Pua got to stay home and just hang out too. Mostly she just snuggled a lot or slept while I did things like clean her cage and mop the floor. She was active Tuesday so took her in the yard on her harness and lead and she checked the wood pile but found nothing then checked all along the fence line. She never tried to climb it either but she could. If she can climb a door frame she can climb a fence easy. She didn't find any ants but did find some interesting spots to sniff. I was hot though so we didn't stay out long because I could tell it was getting to her.

She's spent some time with me watching TV in the front room and all the pets are getting along better with her, aside from Kat we haven't had them together again. But even Jupiter licked her tail some when she hung it in his cage.

Poor Pua had a weird side effect to the worming she didn't poop for 9 days. She finaly pooped Tuesday and had 4 big logs there one a double log waiting on her pee pad when I got home from walking Q&H. She was up so let her out and set her on the bed pet her belly and she settled right in so went and changed her pee pad and she was still just chillin' on the bed after I was done so took her pic. I'm sure she felt better having finaly got things moving again. But had been wanting to get a pic of her doing that because she's done it a few times but on my lap, reclining no pooping ;).

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Pua has a party

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and I wasn't invited because I'm a party pooper. The little brat, lol. At least she's feeling well enough to be a brat.

Well fed her before going home and stuck her in her hammock in her cage at home. Closed and latched the door She curled up to sleep and I went to dinner. Near the end of dinner hear noise but just like her normaly moving around in her cage. Finish and get up to come in and see if she wants to eat more but hear some weird noises. Glance down the hall and double take. There on the desk in the computer room is not Kat at her bowl but Pua! That image will be burned in my mind for ever, lol. She had knocked Kat's food bowl down and was happily drinking her water. She has water in her cage but stolen water while free is always better.

Grabbed her up and marched back to my room with her and see she knocked over Jupiter's cage too. Jupiter was free but not happy about it. Guess she was hungry and finding no food she followed her nose to the cat food only it wasn't blended to mush so she couldn't eat it. She has had a good meal now and gone back to sleep.

Their are two doors on her cage one top on one side one bottum on another. The bottum door was open. I put her in and take her out the top. I did open the bottum this morning to change her pad but remember thinking about needing to close it so I wouldn't have just this thing happen tonight. Still guess I forgot. Will need to remember my lessons from the petting zoo days and double or tripple check all doors. If she gets out again locks will be in order.

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Pua goes wild

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boy she was rambunctiouse today woke up at 5am and wouldn't go back to sleep till noon. I gave her an hour in the store cage then put her harness on and let her run around then finaly got the idea to take her outside. There are some ants nesting just under the edge of the walk. She did enjoy that and scared a tinny snake away too. Was maybe 6" long gardener snake or garter snake depending on who you talk too. she also scared a grass hopper. She spent a bit of time there then mossied along infront of the empty chinease place and found a good nest there even saw one try to scramble away with an egg. So she had a nice snack there then moved on they don't stay to long at one nest plus she couldn't dig to deep due to the sidewalk now that she's doing pretty good on her harness will need to try taking her into the woods and find a real good nest of ants or termites for her.

She loved that got dirt all over her face and paws then still ate some of her food when we came back in so it didn't spoil her to her gruel. Was funny was keeping my eye on passers by and even people on foot and bike didn't stop or seem to even look twice. Guess they thought she was just a weird looking dog. Finaly just before we came back in one truck slowed to get a better look and pulled off at the pizza place. I had her closer to the street then by the light pole cuz there's a mound of dirt there but that was too close so we came back in when she found nothing there. After we were back inside the people came back and asked if she was really an anteater :)

She had some fans stop by and fawn over her too since she was still out. She finaly got tired towards the end of their visit and is now napping.

It was no wonder she was up all day though she slept all day yesterday. Had a huge breakfast then slept due to the heat but it's much nicer today.

I didn't get any pics this time but here's a couple pics from yesterday.

So sweet in this pic but she really likes to be messy when she eats. Likes to put her claws into it. She likes it best when I top the food with something smelly good like my dogs freeze dried venison. This makes me think she doesn't really have a sense of taste and goes just by the smell because it's the same food and doesn't really change the flavor. The problem is it tends to be lumpy on top once it soaks in so she likes to dig her claws in and pull it out. Very messy. Will be needing more towels.
Sleeping on mommy's lap. This was at the store yesterday but we watched rescue me on the couch together last night, well she slept through all of it really.

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More pictures

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These are from last night and today but since it will be midnight soon you could alter that a day by when you'd be reading it.

Pua coming off the make shift bunny pen. The netting is supposed to keep Jupiter in but he can unsnap it sometimes.

Baby milk and spinich, yum. Frozen spinach has about a mg of vitamine K per cup the highest amount I've found yet plus it has potasium which they also should have. Can see it starting to help.
She would take a little nap then wake up and go on his cage then I'd lure her back with the baby formula which is what she was really looking for.
In her cage at work. If you look zoomed you'll see I added what they called deer fencing for now and is working great.

Put the harness on her before then she fell alseep on my lap in the towel so put her up still in it till she woke.

It looks good in the pic but didn't think the figure-8 worked to well. Looked like it might slip off. This is a bunny harness bellow. It looks like it didn't fit as well but was actualy a lot beter since could adjust neck and chest seperatly.

Put back again without a harness for a short while.
She got out because I was impressed she could see better than I thought she could. Was about 20' away and she followed my movements back and forth and reacted when I lifted my arms.

Was trying to get a pic of her tongue out while grooming me but didn't happen.
Enjoying a belly rub.

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Pua the monkey-bear

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That fits a bit more.

Well it's been awhile since an update. Pua is very sweet. Sometimes when we hug each other I'll scratch her back and she'll wiggle her little claws on one hand and scratch my back in return. she's been sleeping in bed with me at night except one night I put her back because she was getting squirming and knew she was due to poop so put her back in her cage. She did poop but got it all over her self in her attempts to get out so got a bath that morning first thing. I didn't even wear gloves and she didn't claw me up but gave a couple pinches just to get her point across she didn't like it. No damge done though.

You can see the mites on her ear in one pic below. The red is all gone and it's a lot better now. I hadn't been paying as much attention to any of her skin blemishes as I should due to still worrying about her weight. She is eating well now but still not gaining. I don't think the first worming took so gave her the second dose and was sure she got it all this time since I mixed it with a bit of baby milk which she was going crazy over that night. I've been calling her my little waif and telling her to eat and get fat for me.

Other than her weight she's perfect. Was even working on the harness a bit and she's good with it on and okay with little tugs. She wants to be with me 24/7 though. I've worked around this at the shop by getting her to go to sleep in my lap wrapped in a towle or blanket then stick her back in her hammock. She's like a little bear and is close to hybernating once sleeping. She's starting to catch on to this too though.

Oh and she is doing great as far as potty training. not that I've done much training but she is finaly good about going in one place. I've been putting pee pads in the bottum of her cage where she goes. Well yesterday she had just curled up in my bed when Q&H decided they wanted a walk. Well I decided to be nice and let her be and just lock up my room. when we came back she was up and smelled pee. Well she had gone back into her cage and peed on her pad then came back out so that's great. Plus she understands the pad concept at least for pee. She had still used it after she had wadded it up one time after trying to get out. She will poop in the same spot but if wadded up missed the pad but she is still only doing that every 3-4 days so will naturaly take longer to get right.

"what is this thing that's taken my spot in the bed, anyway?"
She's actualy slept next to Pua in bed before but for the most part Q&H like to keep some distance still. Pua was sleeping on top of me last night. Guess she thought that was cumffy like ridding on mom's back.

Her cute tail

Fell asleep hugging me

and grooming me. You can see her belly button :)

The other pets were bugging me for attention too so tried taking pics. You can see Hyzzie was coperative.
And Jupiter too kept breaking out of his new cage. will probably get him a ferret cage later.

"hey pet my head"

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