Road trip

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We went to sisters. Hit a rock on the way over the mountain and had to buy a new tire and rim once we got there. They got a pit stop and we stopped and picniced at one place and they were nice and brought a bowl of water for Q&H.

Didn't take any pics on the way there but here's one of Quasi on the boardwalk waiting while his grampa buys a suit.

"Come on let's explore more!"
Hyzzie on the board walk.

Quasi says it is abuse to make him move into the shade for a pic and refused to sit on the cold grass.

Hyzzie didn't mind but was distracted by the people.

Possing on the wagon.

Heading home and tired as a dog.

Even Hyzzie slept.

Home sweet home.

Just kidding was an abandoned cabin.

This was what greated me when I did get home. Pua has seperation anxiety. She also got poop all over herself again.

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Berry Picking from Monday

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I don't remember what Hyzzie was going after here.Quasi is above all this country stuff unless the path is paved like the park.
He does like a good sun bath though.

Heading home. We stopped at the grocery store and her grama and grampa went inside. The pack is NOT supposed to split up when out.

Quasi was tired and would rather have been home

He gave up and tried to nap but everytime he closed his eyes someone flashed a camera at him.

And he wasn't happy about it.

"Oh boy they came back with MEAT!!!

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