oh no :(

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My dad went down to the garden shop, to see if they had any sod to use in Jupiter's cage. Well, turns out jupiter is there's. Apparently they had him in a litte yard with a three foot wall and he got out. They say they saw the ad and tried to call. I did put my shop number instead of my cell but it's been nearly two weeks since it was in the paper so they can't have wanted him back to bad. They did tell my dad I could keep him if I really wanted. He is a remarkably well socialized bunny so they did good with him but will want to keep him. Hopefully they are open toarrow and I'll go speak with them. They're nice enough people but two kids and just got a crazy lab puppy and as pointed out above they didn't try vary hard to get their bunny back.
It's really remarkable he made it all the way to my shop. It's at least a mile down the busy highway but on the same side so at least he didn't have to cross.

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