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Quasi in his morning sweater

Now we will talk about how smart Tamanduas really are.
Here Pua had been watching tv. Actualy she was sitting there giving little hisses at the Tv and watching it. Maybe she doesn't like Law&Order, ha. At first I thought maybe she wanted something from the fridge but she was right in front of the Tv and not the firdge.

but she stopped soon as I got the camera out and did some grooming.

Other signs of briliance :)
she will point to her milk powder tin or water thermose depending on which she wants in added to hger food. She also knows the words water and powder and will get excited at work when she's lost intrest in her food if I ask if she'd like some powder. Or similarly will react if I ask if she wants water.
She knows the diffrence between being under the blanket and actualy being in bed and will insist sometimes at getting in bed instead because she wants to be settled for the night.
as I mentioned to just a few people she learns quickly too. Like to not claw her food all over. I would hold her claws down sometimes and if she was just getting messy and not eating I would sometimes put the food away for awhile then she would be better when eating later. She usualy just dips her claw in now a few times as on a previouse video.
I try to only put her in her cage once out for the evening if i catch her doing something I don't like and this realy cuts down on those behaviors if not fully extenguish them.
If she does accidently play to ruff she's quick to appolagize with a grooming session.

For the record physical reprimands wont work on her and so would assume most Tamanduas. She doesn't seem to think it's possible you would ever hurt her on purpose and I wouldn't but for the sake of discussion. She would just think it an accident and forgive you right away, unless you were a total jerk and kept it up then she would grip at you a bit I'm sure. Just like I am expected to forgive her if she does play to ruff. We tamanduas are a clums lot so must be understanding of such accidents.

Play fight!

I'm tempted to let you guess what she was doing here :)
she was scratching her head with that back foot

And more grooming. As far as I can tell she's really not all that itchy just grooms a lot, like a cat, but in her own fashion.

And a nap on my shoulder

then a lick to my eye

Hyzzie got in some play time

And trying his best to remain dignified

When we wrestle and Pua catches me she grooms and pokes at me

It's a Tamandua CircleThat tail almost touched me!!!
I don't know why Q&H are so jumpy about her tail you'd think Pua was a scorpion

And another nap

Then some more snacking

and finaly real sleep

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