A walk in the Park - Pua

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We started out in a jacket. It was 60F but know the park tends to be cooler and there's still some ice places.


She walked by this rotten log so tried sticking her on it but she could care less if there were bugs or termites she needed to run and explore. She's a jogging anteater :)

Just after she went zoom running down a hill

Determinedly chugging along

We run through the woods..

Joy is expressed with a tail curled high

Heading back out of the woods she didn't need the coat any more
I thought it was kinda pretty with the river in the background

Behind the amphitheater

Was checking out a tree but she doesn't stand still long enough for good pictures

Huff Puff
She walked back to the car then past onto this other trail aways before we came back. You can see her little mouth agape.

That trail goes under the overpass and she went up to explore

She ran back and forth but was scared to climb down(Yes her species is supposed to be arboreal, lol) So I had to go up and get her.
"It was just to steep mom I could fell"

She ate and played a bit once home and took her awhile to settle down enough to go back to sleep.

Here's a bonus picture of Tea Time the other night

Well she enjoyed it but it was pretty well ruined for me after that due to the food all over her face :P

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