Fall hike in the woods

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Well it was sunny today. Was a shock to wake up and have it light outside. Q&H took a nice morning walk then we drove to a hiking trail and took a walk in the woods. This one went right along the river. Was a real hiking trail leaves all over the path rocks and lots of ups and down and even some washed out places. They found some nice smells marked a few things even went over a small wooden bridge. Unfortunatly I forgot my camera(pick from previouse hike on groomed trail) but it was still worth sharing. Some canandian geese flew by. Heard some birds and squirrels and crows but saw no deer. think Q&H smelled them but with the leaves you couldn't see any tracks. Hyzzie was more cautiouse than normal with it being a more wild trail so once she started looking worried asked if she wanted to turn around and she did a sharp u-turn. On the trip back those crow and squirrel noises became monster sounds in her mind and she got jumpy. She didn't feel safe again till in the car. She's got a vivid imagination. All are napping now and i'm tempted too it was sunny but still cold so it made me sleepy.

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